Last week we kicked off our new series, about the Instagram advocates who work to dispel harmful misconceptions about cannabis — while building their own personal communities on the photo sharing site.

We got an amazing response from you guys, who told us that it’s ultra important to pay attention to people who are working for positive change.

So this week, we chatted with lilhumanbean, aka Ricki, who’s both an animal lover and cannabis connoisseur.

Ricki with one of her rescue cats.

Ricki with one of her loyal cats.

Here’s what she thinks about that whole 420 thing. Watch out: you might get inspired!

What inspires you to be a cannabis advocate?

For myself, the negative stereotypes around cannabis users and uninformed people make it really difficult to be open about smoking.

I wish people would understand the benefits and understand it won’t hurt anybody — and, most importantly, if it’s not for them, then it’s just not — y’know? — and no one is going to force them to take part.

What’s your favorite strain/product/extract?

I mainly smoke bud but I vape and dab as well. I have a lot of family that grows some beautiful trees, so there’s never a shortage!

I think my favorite strain is this one my aunt got from a place in Santa Cruz. I think it was called purple candy or some variation of that, and it was the most beautiful purple color and had the sweetest taste. I haven’t had anything like it since.

It’s so hard to take pictures that show the real colors of weeds

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Tell us the story of the first time you smoked cannabis.

The first time I smoked was around the summer before my sophomore year of high school. I was with my best friend at the time in the arboretum in Davis. We smoked with a friend of ours who brought a pipe and some weed. It was nothing special, but I did get high as fuck and eat my friends’ entire kitchen. IMG_3395

In your opinion, what’s the best way for someone, whether or not they smoke, to advocate for legalization?

I have always believed the best way to advocate for anything is to spread awareness. So if you don’t smoke, still become informed and know the facts and spread them like fire.

Because there is so much judgement and so many stereotypes toward the cannabis community, I think the best thing to do as a smoker is don’t be that stereotype.
Weed isn’t something you smoke to be cool when you’re older, its a lifestyle choice when it comes down to it. Some people will take antidepressants, drink or smoke cigarettes, I smoke weed.

What do you think the “weed world” will look like 10 years from now?

Ahh, the “weed world.” Complete legalization is on its way; I am sure of it. The benefits are just too great not to be, and people will see that soon.

Also this

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I also hope that hemp will replace all of the wasteful products we use that destroy the environment, and I really hope to see cannabis used in medicine because it could seriously change the world we live in.


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