The common controversy behind Marijuana consumption that usually arises is that there is no possible way you could overdose on such a plant. This statement has been tested numerous times and has not been dis-proven due to the fact that the only way this can be tested would be to administer a dosage of Marijuana that could physically harm an animal test subject.


Is there such thing as marijuana overdose

At the moment there is no amount of Marijuana that has been been found to actually achieve such a ridiculous feat for the benefit of scientific and medical research. The routine study that is used to rate modern day medical products average dosage is called LD-50.

This study measures what dosage will cause fifty percent of test subjects to Parrish under the careful administration of the drug. It is estimated that for an animal to suffer physical harm from consuming Marijuana it would take about 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one Sticky Green joint.


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How much marijuana do I have to consume

Another advancement in the study on how harmful Marijuana might be for it’s patrons is that it would take roughly 1,500 pounds of Marijuana consumed in a matter of about fifteen minutes in order for the substance to be considered a lethal dose.

Even if the patient decides to go with a dab based death (which doesn’t sound like a bad way to go) it would still take over 100 pounds of concentrates in order to actually kill yourself while toking. This study is based on a .9 gram dose of Marijuana per method of consumption.

In my opinion is this very unlikely reality for modern day, pot friendly america, there’s no possible way that someone would be able to, or better yet have the audacity to actually consume such an abnormal amount of Marijuana.

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