Tommy Chong, co-writer, director and actor in the marijuana comedic based duo Cheech & Chong, shared recently his incredible story of how he beat cancer with a strict natural diet and large doses of THC.

In 2012, Chong was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a battle with the federal government and serving jail time for his retail sales of glass pipes over the Internet.

He told the media, “I think I got the cancer when I was without my cannabis for three years”, Chong explains due to his sentencing and probation period in the early 2000’s for selling paraphernalia.

“I don’t have the dangerous cancer anymore and I credit that with diet, eating right, no meat, no alcohol, no sugar and treating my body with huge doses of THC.”

Access to this treatment made possible by California’s medical marijuana law (prop 215) passed in 1996, Chong states, I’ve been tested and I’m cancer-free. So everything is working out very well, I’m not the least bit bitter with the government, I’m just very happy, one thing that everybody seems to agree on is that marijuana should be decriminalized, and that it is a medicine. I’m very happy with that.”

Today, Chong is an avid supporter of marijuana retailers in Boulder, CO., although he is not involved in any business ownership in the cannabis industry. He is actively involved in the creation of a new Cheech & Chong movie, as well as with companies in the experimental stage of medical research with low THC strains.

Chong says, “that seems to be more effective, so I’m going to be devoting the rest of my remaining energies into experimenting with more cannabis.”

In light of the recent movement toward legalization of certain strains for medical usage and research in the state of Florida, Chong stated, “I think everybody agrees that marijuana should be legal everywhere, and it will be legal everywhere.

It’s inevitable, across the world. It’s like the electric car, it’s going to change everybody’s life, it’s inevitable, it’s going to happen.”

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