If you’d told me a year ago that, not far in the future, I’d be product testing a high-cannabidiol muscle rub, my reaction would’ve been: “Sweet deal.” So I felt pretty lucky when I wound up, during a visit to my parents’ house, with my best friend rubbing mentholated cannabis oil on my sore shoulders.

Her first question was: “Will I get high through my fingers?” (Keep in mind that she was already kind of stoned, thanks to a few skunky joints.)

If you know a little about CBD, you’ll remember that the phytocannabinoid, used to treat conditions like epilepsy and cancer, isn’t psychoactive — so unfortunately (or fortunately), you won’t get stoned by rubbing it into your friend’s back, or even having it smoothed into your own.

What it did do was refresh me fully, with the menthol helping to loosen the knots I carry around day to day from laboring over a laptop in long shifts.

And although I didn’t know how the CBD would affect my tired neck, I did know that the idea of it gave me some pretty amazing vibes — meaning that even before it started working, I was thinking positive thoughts about its effects.

We switched off, and I gave my friend a massage too. Then we rubbed the balm into our feet, between our toes, slipped on some fuzzy socks, and went to sleep.

The next morning, we could still feel the balm’s amazing sensation. And not only did our skin feel soft, but we were also extremely relaxed. Since then, I’ve been dabbing the balm onto my neck and shoulders when they start to hurt — and effectively warding off the pain, greatly improving my quality of life even when I’m stressed.


Basically, this is how I felt. (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Basically, this is how I felt. (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

That’s the idea behind Innovative Extractions’ CBD product line; founder Dave Hargett hoped to create a safe, pure product for medical use. Basically, the nonprofit company is all about offering patients an alternative medication to help them heal.

And while there are lots of extracts out there, not all of them have the healing effects of high-CBD blends. Through an intricate, patented CO2 extraction process, Dave provides clarity and certainty of what you’ll be getting.

Plus, he’s expanding the types of products available to medical marijuana patients.

“Once I got the oil down,” he explains, “I also realized that in dispensaries, to make one of the best products out there — and to ensure longevity with the business — you don’t wanna have just one product out there. I want to be a pharmaceutical-style company, just with cannabis.

“Vaporization and smoking aren’t necessarily the best way to medicate. To really fight against cancer cells and get the anti-inflammatory benefits, you need to ingest the cannabinoid. So that’s when I started formulating the oil into multiple products.

Sextiva [Innovative’s signature lube], lip balm, THC tincture, CBD tincture, capsules, suppositories. We’re trying to hit the entire medical market there. And the majority of my patients aren’t the dabbable smoker — instead, they’re women with fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, you name it.”

Dave’s got a good point. Not everyone is a joint-a-day stoner, though there’s nothing wrong with that either. And by opening up the marijuana market to include people who aren’t looking to #stayhigh, he’s actually helping cannabis go mainstream.
CBD Muscle Rub
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