For this week’s edition we are celebrating @TattedStonerchick_23. By promoting positivity through Instagram Bianca has been able to influence many individuals.

The Girls of Instagram have done so much in helping bring positive vibes to the growing community.

And a common trait they all share is this: each of the advocates are a beautiful person, inside and out, who wants to do good in the world by shining a spotlight on what cannabis has done for them.

Read our interview with Bianca, below, to find out exactly why she spends her days spreading the word about weed.


1) What inspires you to be a cannabis advocate?

When I was younger I had no idea what marijuana really was . when i met my boyfriend is when i really started to get into cannabis. I started growing and i absolutely fell in love with it. I love how relaxed I feel when I’m sitting out by my plants smoking a few bowls.
What inspires me to be a cannabis advocate is the fact that the marijuana I grow has really helped a lot of people close to me weather it be insomnia, depression or dealing with chronic pains, and to see that it really can help someone makes me want to do what I do that much more.


2) What’s your favorite strain/product/extract?

That is a really hard question to answer since I have been blessed enough to try so many different flowers, extract and edibles by so many different amazing people and company’s it’s hard to choose just one. My favorite flower would have to be purple alien, I grew a clone of it one year from harborside in Oakland and it was to die for! If I had to pick my top two favorite extracts would be auricgold and beezles extracts.

3) Tell us the story of the first time you smoked cannabis.

The first time I ever smoked weed was freshman year, on a trail with my two best friends and a soda can. After I smoked all I remember doing was laughing, I was so happy and with everything that was going on in my life at the time was a lot of stress so it was nice to feel like that.


4) In your opinion, what’s the best way for someone, whether or not they smoke, to advocate for legalization?


I think the best way for someone to advocate for legalization is to do your research, learn about all the amazing things cannabis can do for you in so many different forms so you can teach others about it and spread awareness on the great things cannabis can do for you.

Cannabis is a very powerful thing and I think if people were to really look into all the benefits that come from it or even try it for themselves, a lot of opinions would be changed about it.


5) What do you think the “weed world” will look like 10 years from now?


I truly believe nothing, but good things are going to come from cannabis in 10 years from now. I think there will be a lot less restrictions on marijuana than there is now. It’s crazy to see how much things have already changed this far from what it use to be.

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