This week we got to hang out with thelittle_errrlmaid also known as Kate by her friends and family. Kate has not always been a pro-cannabis individual.

Trials she overcame in her life with the assistance of cannabis helped her realize that society might have not been 100% right about Cannabis. Kate has done an amazing job of utilizing her social influence on social media to advocate for cannabis awareness. Check out our interview with her below.

1) What inspires you to be a cannabis advocate?

For me personally, I believe that it is important to show all of the benefits that marijuana can have on a persons life and i wanted to do it without trying to sexualize the movement along the way.

I was told by doctors and family members that I wouldn’t be able to achieve my dreams because I was throwing my life away smoking marijuana.


For those of you who dont know my reasons for smoking, I feel like todays campaign by @themcrr to end federal cannabis prohibition is a good time to share it all with you. Growing up, I was ignorant to the medicinal purposes of marijuana and I viewed it as a terrible drug. I looked down on the people I knew who used it. Until I took the time to educate myself, I didn't realize the wonders this plant could work. At 17, I was taking about 30 prescription pills a day to treat my ailments and it just wasn't working. One day my therapist (off the record of course) asked me if I ever considered using cannabis to help treat myself. I left her office angry that she would even have the nerve to recommend it….. and then I did some research and realized just how much it could help – and clearly it has because I haven't looked back since. I suffer from and use cannabis daily to treat my PTSD, borderline personality disorder, social anxiety, eating disorder, IBS, depression, insomnia, and more. Today I no longer take those prescription pills daily, I only use my anti-anxiety medication to stabilize myself during the worst of my panic attacks. While smoking cannabis i STOPPED using all hard drugs – thats right it wasn't a GATEWAY drug to anything but it was a way out. I went to school, graduated, and became licensed in my career and even placed 4th in a national competition all while consuming cannabis daily. I am not a criminal and I should not be treated as one. #JoinTheMovement #EndProhibition Have you asked yourself what marijuana can do for you? ✌

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I went on to use it to get off the prescription medications that were dictating my life, as well as completing school from start to finish and winning fourth place nationally for my skills in updos.
I’ve already proved the people in my personal life wrong and I feel it is important to advocate and show that you can smoke and still be a successful functioning member of society.

2) What’s your favorite strain?

It is so difficult for me to pick a favorite anything, but I have always been a HUGE fan of Pineapple Kush.

Im the gerl who shows up to the party like 💁💁💁

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3) Tell us (if you’re comfortable sharing) the story of the first time you smoked cannabis.

Growing up I was taught that marijuana was a bad drug and doing it would be the gateway to even more terrible things. Up until the age of 17, I had no tolerance for cannabis or anyone who chose to use it.

I myself suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, Social Anxiety, and EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) and at the time I was taking over 30 prescription pills every day and getting no relief, only terrible side effects.

One day, off the record, my therapist asked me if I had ever considered trying cannabis to relieve my symptoms. I left her office outraged at the idea but began to do my research. After learning all of the amazing things it could do I decided to try it out and it has helped so greatly that I never looked back.

Weatherman said it was gonna be cloudy 😘☁👌 #WakeAndBake

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4) In your opinion, what’s the best way for someone, whether or not they smoke, to advocate for legalization?

I believe it is important for every person, whether they smoke or not, to get the facts. There are so many things that the cannabis plant can be used for and I believe we should be utilizing all of it. I believe that it is time for people to stop the ignorance and open their eyes to the way this plant could change our world.

5) What do you think the “weed world” will look like 10 years from now?

I’m hoping that the “weed world” will be a more understood place. I want everyone to be able to have safe secure access to the medicine that they want and need.
I’ve had doctors refuse to treat me because they think of me as a “drug abuser” and I’m hoping that 10 years from now those ignorant views will be a thing of the past.


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