By Bryaunah Heckard.

It’s the million-dollar question: is marijuana a gateway drug?

We’ve all heard the saying that “once you smoke pot, you’ll want to try rock.” Okay, maybe we haven’t heard it in that exact format, but you get what I’m saying.

From the beginning of pot descending into our lives, better yet our lungs, society has wagged their overly privileged fingers at the magical plant, claiming it is a gateway drug. For those of you unsure of what that means, it simply means that if you smoke marijuana, you’ll soon be graduating and movin’ on up to more hardcore and addictive drugs. But is this true?

To answer that, you should probably know why the masses think it is a gateway drug.

First off, if you’ve never smoked marijuana, this article might not make sense to you. But the popular belief is that once you try marijuana, and you like it, you will want that sensation to last forever and you’ll want to find more and more ways to keep the high going.

Now that we understand the origins of the belief that cannabis is a gateway drug, the real question is whether there’s any truth behind it.

For this article, I polled a few people. I talked to a few “active” pro cannabis individuals, who shall remain anonymous. One was a man in his mid 20s who works two jobs, graduated on time, and has his own family. The other is a woman who’s been working off and on and is als in her mid 20s. Both have been smoking for a little over ten years, and both agree that pot has never led them to want to try other drugs.

Take a look at the results:

“Weed is enough.” -Anonymous

“I’ve never gotten high and said oh I want to try crack now.” -Anonymous

“If people are going to do other drugs, it’s a conscious decision they made on their own.” -Anonymous

“Hey, hey, hey. Smoke weed every day.”-Nate Dogg.

So, if marijuana isn’t a gateway drug (which is part of why it’s still illegal in certain states), could this mean our government has been lying to us? GASP!

What’s the true beef with weed?

Conspiracy theories have emerged that the government has kept cannabis illegal for so long due to the fact that there’s no system in place for federal taxation of the plant. Hmmm…

What are your thoughts? Do you think cannabis is a gateway drug? Do you think there’s a conspiracy as to why marijuana is still illegal? Do you think cats are evil?

Leave your comments below.

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  1. Jeremy

    The only reason ppl say marijuana is a gateway drug is that some people who would’ve already tried hard drugs try them AFTER smoking weed. Such bs!


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