With this years Draft class looking to have real potential, we take a look back at Duke’s Jabari Parker. Check out this mixtape displaying some of his insane handles and jumper that might get him that 1st pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.

The 2011-12 Gatorade National Boys’ Basketball Player of the Year, 6’8 Junior superstar Jabari Parker (who turned 17 in March) had a magical high school season.

220-pound Parker lead his Simeon Wolverines team (Chicago Public League: Red South) to their best record in school history (33-1) and their third consecutive Class 4A state championship as he averaged 20.4 points, 9.2 rebounds, 5.1 assists, 3.4 blocks and 1.5 steals per game.

Parker also earned USA Basketball’s prestigious 2011 Male Athlete of the Year award, becoming the youngest player ever to earn that distinction. Enjoy the versatile, talented, humble, and highly skilled Jabari Parker’s eye-popping Official Junior Season Mix. Special thanks to Jabari Parker and the Parker family and to coaches Robert Smith and Jeff Duncan at Simeon.

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  1. Jose Perez

    Its dont matter about shoes stop being a hater you just mad you not like

  2. MrCraazed

    I hate how he’s so cocky, at the start when you broke the guys ankles why
    point at him? Just blow by him, sooner or later he will meet someone with
    good D and all these fancy handles will be neutralised.

  3. King Agility

    Guys just saying he isn’t a top 100 player. Wasn’t invited to the NBA Top
    100 Camp either.

  4. Arcane Elite

    He’s too damn short I’m 6 1 and I think I’m short compared to some of those
    guys this dude is like 5 3

  5. DeathWish

    I know hes only in high school but is this kid even 6 feet tall???? 1:48
    was sick by the way

  6. chukk mane

    Wiggins & Parker might be the next Bron & Melo competition, right now I
    think Parker is better, but 3-5 years from now Wiggins is going to excel
    and easily out play Parker, Jabari is gonna win rookie of the year though
    defiantly now seeing that Lebron is gonna have most of the spotlight and
    waiters being there will limit wiggins playtime but Parker is the Bucks
    only hope, but Lebron is going to be a huge mentor to wiggins shits gonna
    be crazy and as humble as he is when he’s compared to Lebron later on in
    his prime he’ll give a lot of thanks instead of play the cocky role

  7. Derek Bynes

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  8. Bryan Pena

    If he lands in Boston I wil walk around with a boner til the start of the
    season….I believe boston police wil find it justifiable and pardon me. 

  9. Reyes Jr

    excellent player but freshman wise I think Ennis from syracuse is a better
    ball player Ennis has a higher basketball iq, look at parkers TO ratio he
    has like 4 turnovers a game…that’s A LOT

  10. Gmoneyirl

    He reminds me of an old melo/current melo and prime wade, like damn.. he
    has so much potential.

  11. Alexander lambert

    If he can back back in shape like this he will be even better, that senior
    season injury really made him let himself go and I feel he was at his best,
    I think him and a.wiggins willbe the next great nba rivalry… Well… I
    hope so

  12. Maxwell Haynes

    Why is he wearing 22 he should be wearing 25 for Benji isn’t it tradition?

  13. Ayotunde Yoyin

    I would be so pissed playing against this guy who’s eating up on my team…
    then to find out he’s only a junior haha

  14. SherbertLemon1000

    I really think Jabari shoulve went first. He honestly reminds me of a
    bulkier carmelo I think he will be a superstar

  15. doritos003

    I really think he’s better than Andrew Wiggins especially in college. I
    think Parker is more cut out for the NBA kind of style of basketball. While
    Andrew Wiggins is more suited for high school. One can actually ball while
    the other is just a major freak of nature. 

  16. Kaleb McCalden

    Hey could you guys please check out my highlights videos? Thank you!!


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