According to Kenya Today, one Jamaican farmer who likes to do things the old-fashioned way is determined to play matchmaker with Malia Obama — and his son.

Roy Chambers, who owns a 10-acre pot farm, is willing to sacrifice all that to help his son to tie the knot with the 17-year-old First Daughter. (Dare we remind him that she’s still not legally able to wed?)

He told the paper that, as much as he loves his grow op, he’s more impressed by the young lady brought up by America’s first black president. He said:

“My marijuana farm is my most valuable possession but am willing to give it to president Obama in exchange for his beautiful daughter to marry my son… .I tried to approach President Obama with my offer while he was in Jamaica a few months ago but the security prevented me. I have sent him a regular mail to the white house [sic] and also an email so I hope he will reply soon.”

This follows another engagement attempt by a Kenyan lawyer, who promised the Obamas 50 cows and other animals if Malia would say “I do.” But it’s more likely that the teen will stick around in America, especially considering that this summer she’ll be interning on the set of Lena Dunham’s HBO dramedy, GIRLS.

The senior Obama hasn’t commented on all the marriage offers rolling in.

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  1. Harry

    is that fool crazy. You gotta offer him way more then that if you want any chance.


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