Kareem Abdul-Jabbar top 10 career plays from 20 years amazing career


What happens when two of the most dominant 7 footers to ever grace the hardwood collide?, A titanic battle for the ages. I tried to present these highlights with respect to both legends – but due to available media, the narrative is more focused on Wilt’s side of things. Both of these titans are two of the greatest of all time.

Wilt Chamberlain:
7-1 1/16th w/o shoes
7-8 wingspan
290-300+lbs when he played vs Kareem
Wilt was between the ages of 34 and 36 at the time.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:
7-1 7/8th w/o shoes
7-5 wingspan
228-237lbs when he played vs Wilt
Kareem was between the ages of 24 and 26 at the time.

I challenge anyone to find greater physical specimens playing at such an elite level in the NBA today.

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  1. Ethan Meyers

    It’s so hard to call these guys the best ever even though their stats are
    crazy. Nobody could compete with the 7 footers until the mid-70s. KAJ’s
    stats are crazy his first 3 years, but drop off to human (a very awesome
    one) afterwards.

  2. samuelcurley

    Makes me think, If De Andre Jordan or someone of that size was around in
    that era, Would they be just as effective? Wilt and Jabber look at another
    level at this point, But how would they play in todays league.

  3. bpvogel

    3:40 – Chamberlain saying he was better than Bill Russell is laughable. He
    didn’t win because he didn’t have the right teammates? Elgin Baylor and
    Jerry West, Nate Thurmond and Billy Cunningham were not the right
    teammates? Let’s recap what happened in the 1969 NBA Championship. In
    Games 3 and 4, Wilt was shut down by Russell ‘with little or no effort’ –
    despite Russell being 3 inches shorter, 50 pounds lighter and a few years
    older. Wilt choked in Game 6 and sat out the last six minutes of GAME 7
    losing a close game and the championship. Let me repeat, Wilt sat out the
    last 6 minutes of a very close Game 7 of the championship. That doesn’t
    exactly remind you of Jordan playing with the stomach flu, does it?
    Russell won because he always was a team player. This is something Wilt
    didn’t learn until late in his career. Additionally, Wilt has been
    described as a slacker during practice, too focused on his own statistics
    and “neither a natural leader, nor loyal follower”. Russell was a natural
    leader and a team player and he knew how to win. 

  4. Hameed Paul

    top 15 all time in this order: Kareem, MJ, Oscar Robertson, Kobe, Magic,
    Bird, Hakeem, Russell, Wilt, Shaq, Tim Duncan, Jerry West, Malone,
    Stockton, Elgin Baylor. LeBron will be on this list by the time he retires

  5. Beichen Lu

    So pitty Wilt was 35 when Jabbar entered NBA. Can’t see two of best centers
    of NBA History fight on their both best time.

  6. Bounty Rogue Cinemax

    Wilt is a bit overrated. Why a guy like him that has 30k points in the NBA
    and 22k rebounds only have two rings? Easy. (Now i’m not saying rings
    defines greatness, but ill tell you why it does for him.) Wilt Chamberlain
    actually for some reason falls off during post season. Wilt is not a good
    freethrow shooter. Now Inb4 shaq, shaq had teams dude. Honestly wilt is
    good and all, but in a stretch in todays NBA he probably would be benched
    during the last final moments of a close game due to terrible freethrow
    shooting. Why am I stressing over post season? Because Hakeem Olajuwan,
    Moses Malone, Kareem can shoot those free throws that wins games. Hell even
    if they don’t get the ball coaches do make lineups for free throw shooters.
    to sub in. Hell man

    Also Wilt can only play around the Rim anyways. The only reason why it was
    hard to guard shaq is because its all muscles just like Wilt (who by the
    way the only person able to workout with Arnold.) Hakeem can shoot the mid
    range, baseline, he had special post moves other than just a hook or a dunk
    like what shaq and Wilt had. Moses Malone had a ton of jumping ability you
    couldn’t box him out. Kareem had post moves and can shoot free throws.

    Thats why I believe Wilt is a “bit” overrated, but don’t get me wrong THAT
    BASKETBALL (you can find plenty of pictures at the bunny mansion) if he put
    more time in his game I wouldn’t be posting this.

    IF you didn’t read everything don’t reply
    IF you didn’t read everything don’t reply
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    don’t reply
    IF you didn’t read everything don’t replyIF you didn’t read everything
    don’t reply

  7. mixkon1986

    Wilt and Kareem are the greatest basketball players of all-time, not
    centers only. Who’s the best? Both !! Kareem was more technical player,
    Wilt more dominant player. Both made great records. It’s not easy to
    compair them and there is no reason. Kareem and Wilt, Wilt and Kareem are
    the best

  8. charles xavier

    i have much respect for the older generation, but for me the new era has
    the best quàlity of basketball… of course they improve and develop. i
    still think, shaq and tim duncan can beat wilt in his prime. but kareem is
    different bcoz his hook shot is unstoppable. 

  9. zBadBoyz

    they are lucky hakeem did not play in this era LOL he would destroy these
    two clowns

  10. Mytown Trill

    Stop!!!!! Everyone needs to get off the Gas and Dope. Nobody would stop
    Chamberlain in his prime.Nobody would stop Jabbar in his prime.Nobody would
    stop Olajuwon in his prime. And nobody would stop Shaq in his prime. That’s
    why their called ALL-TIME GREATS. Chamberlain/7’2-300lbs was a tall and
    long super athlete(Track n Field,Volleyball) with unorthodox offensive
    moves.Jabbar/7’2-240lbs was a tall and long,well coached,athletic,always in
    shape, scoring machine with a very difficult offensive attack(Sky-Hook)to
    slow down.Olajuwon/6’10-260lbs was a supremely quick athlete with the most
    offensive moves and by far the best footwork(Soccer),and the quickest and
    strongest hands. Shaq was a HUGE powerful athlete with a appetite for
    destruction, dunking,hurting the opponent and the rim. All athletic FREAKS
    with different measurements and skill sets. And ALL GREATS!! No one would
    stop the other. 

  11. Frederick Rapp

    One has to remember that Wilt was not the 1st option on offense during the
    last 5 years of his career in LA. West, Goodrich, Baylor, MacMillan,
    Hairston, Ericson, were expected to do most of the scoring. Wilt was like
    the 4th option on offense. Kareem, however was the 1st scoring option for
    the Bucks. Still, I recall watching as a teenager that Wilt in his mid
    30’s held his own against Kareem who was just entering his prime. He was
    the only guy who could block Kareem’s sky hook. Wilt was a far superior
    rebounder, shot blocker, and defender. Kareem was a great, great, player,
    no question. There was only 1 center his superior. His name? Wilton
    Norman Chamberlain. 

  12. Anibal Salaris

    This video isnt objective at all.
    here you show the best plays of Alcindor later Jabbar against Chamberlain.
    1st of all in Jabbar Rookie Season chamberlain olmost didnt play only 12
    games in all regular season and i believe he didnt even play against Jabbar.
    2nd In the second season of Alcindor ( in that moment) it was the first
    time they had a lot of games against each other. During regular season they
    split wins and before the postseasons started Milwakee resieve O. Robertson
    and the Bucks wrere virtualy imposible to stop if you concider that they
    were the best in the regular season with out the best PG in history if you
    add him its olmost a joke.
    3rd During that second season and that playoff match in the west conference
    finals Just to keep in mind Alcindor was 23 years old and was already a
    huge star in the league and the MVP of that season.
    Chamberlain was a 35 years old veteran who had HUGE numbers and impact
    still (20 points 20 rebs 4,5 asist per game) but he wasnt even close of
    what he was 5 or 10 years ago and olso he wasnt even the 2nd or 3rd best
    center in the league. He was a legend and a huge player but he was a
    veteran like Duncan Today.
    4th In there second big series as a rivarly LA Lakers (Wilt team) got even
    better players and led for many people the best team in basquetball history
    Jabbar wasnt the same he drop from 35 pts a game to 26 pts a game in those
    playoff and Wilt won the champ.

    And thats it its over jabbar continue playing for 16 more seasons and he
    had to wait to win another title (since O Robertson retire) for like 5
    years until Magic Johnson arrive to LA.

    You can put stats and videos as you like and twist things as you wish but
    somebody can do the opocite and still have a valuable point.

  13. Xrenga

    I pray Joel Embiid stays healthy. I want to see the return of dominant

  14. jerry decaire

    This video is absurd. It was clearly designed to make Jabbar look great and
    Wilt look bad. Very selective shots.

  15. aikidoboynj

    I still feel like Tim Duncan is a better all around player then these guys,
    even at his age now I’d pick him over any other starting center/pf for his
    skills and leadership/intangibles….Also thinking in terms of being a
    simply super gifted physical athlete at 7 feet or taller I would say David
    Robinson is more physically gifted as well… They seemed like they
    couldn’t really move so well, and very clunky and slow with passes,
    dribbling, and stuff like that, as big men I guess its not such a big deal
    back then since it seems everyone was smaller but when I look at a young
    Drob glide around it seems kinda night and day…I’m still kinda amazed how
    the admiral could move at his size and how his body was built, almost like
    a guard yet at over 7 feet tall…Crazy.

    I know stats probably won’t support what my opinions are but I don’t really
    care about the individual stats, i’m using my eyes and my gut
    feelings…More so, can stats even mean anything when you are playing with
    different rules, against different opponents and totally different eras.
    Hopefully this doesn’t come off as disrespectful to the greats of yesterday
    or their fans to this day because I’m really just trying to have a
    conversation without the vitriol. It could also be my own bias of growing
    up during 90s basketball and now seeing the old timers on grainy film and
    second hand accounts that aren’t the same as witnessing stuff on your

  16. Eddie G

    Aye im sorry but Wilt look so stiff, he had to look at the ball while
    dribbling, he looks uncordinated, lanky, not many post moves…ive watched
    Wilt highlights all while in high school, and i grew up watchin Shaq, Shaq
    was more cordinated, more post moves, seems to have had better foot work,
    and bigger legs which wouldve given him a better lower center gravity than
    Wilt, Shaq wouldve bin pushin Wilt all over the place, if Kareem was pushin
    him around, Shaq wouldve bin movin Wilt around like furniture, lol

  17. hartsickdisciple

    Both of these guys are among the top 10 nba players of all time. Wilt,
    Kareem, Russell, Jordan, Bird, Magic, Oscar Robertson, Hakeem, Kobe, guys
    like that. Legends. Some may put Shaq up there, but I don’t. Look at
    this video and see big men that played with strength AND finesse. They
    didn’t have to plow through a guy’s chest or throw an elbow in his face to
    score. This is basketball. As far as Wilt vs. Kareem… tough call. Wilt
    averaged over 50 pts and 25 rebounds per game for a whole season. He
    scored 100 points in a game. How can anyone say for sure that any player
    was better than him? I’ve always felt that Jordan was the GOAT, but those
    numbers from Wilt… My opinion is that Hakeem Olajuwon in his prime would
    get the better of either of these guys. Too quick, too skilled, and still
    very strong.

  18. Stefan micic

    well maybe not sucked, but they would not survive this age of b ball. they
    would be bench warmer to back up ppl like dwight

  19. aleksandrpondios

    For me he is the best center in history and one of the 3 best players
    ever,along with Michael and Magic

  20. Baker Rahimee

    All of u stfu and give respect to kareem because with out him lakers would
    never win 16 championships 

  21. dieauferstehung

    jkareem plays so whack like pele old times
    not much tchqniqueb ut cuz he cored its technique and muslim

  22. Fa Rid

    I just fucking hate this player. His game is so boring, who would go for a
    sky hook on a fastbreak? Fuck you, and your unbeatable record.

  23. sorpotal

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  24. TruthSurge

    Some things you just never see in life. Banks making financial mistakes in
    YOUR favor and someone blocking a Kareem sky hook.

  25. decipherx1

    Man you guys are young, Wilt didn’t retire before Kareem played, he even
    admitted he needed help guarding him, smh study the game youngsters he
    changed the game more than Jordan , Dr J was doing what Jordan was doing
    before Jordan went pro, Mike just elevated his moves and made them his own.
    But NO center did what Kareem has accomplished before or since he retired.

  26. Tamayeu 478

    I won’t say he wasn’t the best because its not accurate and i dont have the
    skills to make such a comment. But all i can say is that i don’t like the
    way he played, it looks boring and repetitive

  27. rayaan kabir

    Damn i havent noticed how damn short the NBA Players have gotten in the
    last few decades i realised during the 60s or 70s (i was born in 2002 btw)
    they were like 7 feet tall now there like 6 feet tall shorter people are
    starting to get good bro in 2069 there will be 5 foot 2 people playing
    basketball and dunking 

  28. Shawn Johnson

    What are people paid to go against every video that they see on Youtube?
    Conspiracy Nation. Every, page of every video..you always get…”yeah, but
    he/she, or they wasn’t this or wasn’t that…” I hate that shit. You can’t
    go to a video without someone posting something negative about a video or
    person or event in a video…Conspiracy Nation.

  29. Yeezus Ambitions


    Kareem the LOSER…. needs to be EXPOSED…

    1970 = Ousted by Willis Reed in head to head matchups and playoffs…

    1971 = Easy ring in the weak ass 70s… beat 40-40 Warriors 1st round…
    and beat LA without West and Baylor…

    1972 = Held to 41% at the 72 WCF by old cramp Wilt… choked miserably…

    1973 = Held to 22.8 ppg and 38% shooting in the WCF by Great Nate… it was
    a skyhook brickfest… Thurmond grabbing all the defensive rebounds like

    1974 = Owned by Dave Cowens in the 74 Finals…. Kareem was a toothpick…

    1975 = Bucks go 38-44 without Oscar…. Kareem = SIDEKICK and NO PLAYOFFS…

    1976 = MVP with a losing record… 40-42.. second in MVP voting was Bob
    FUCKING McAdoo… you watch him play… he would not make the bench in
    today’s game….

    1977 = Traded to the damn Lakers… because Kareem was such a LOSER…
    Lakers got HOFers… and still didn’t do SHIT… as evident they had the
    best record in the league(53-29) and got swept by the 49-33 Blazers in 4
    straight games in the WCF….

    1978 = Kareem recruited even MORE HELP…. Norm Nixon, Lou Hudson, Jamal
    Wilkes, Kermit Washington, and Adrian Dantley who all averaged above +15
    ppg…yet loses in the first round to the 47-35 Sonics… who their best
    player was DENNIS JOHNSON… lmaoooooo….the 44-38 Bullets won title that
    yr… weak ass 70s…

    1979 = Ousted by the Sonics AGAIN by 4-1 in the 2nd round… with the same
    HOF teammates…. lmaooooo

    1980 = Magic arrived to LA and led them to a 60-22 record… Kareem stole
    the Magic’s or Bird’s MVP award…. In the Finals that yr Kareem the PUSSY
    refused to play G6 “What a great leader”… so Magic stepped up at CENTER
    and dropped 43 points and 15 rebounds…. both 14-14 from the LINE… and
    had their highest victory of margin without Kareem in the damn building…
    SIDEKICK BOY Kareem watched on LIVE television Magic was handed the Finals

    1981 = Kareem held Magic’s offensive abilities back in the first round…
    Kareem decided to CHOKE and cost Lakers another ring… by being ousted by
    the 40-42 Rockets… which Moses OWNED the motherfucking shit out of
    Kareem… lowered his ass to 46% shooting….. lmaooooooooo

    1982 = Magic decided to say FUCK KAREEM… this is my team… lmaooooo…
    The Magic Man got near triple doubles in regular season and playoffs…
    Took LA to the Finals by SWEEPING Phoenix and San Antonio in the
    playoffs… was handed Finals MVP AGAIN… and FINISHED ahead of Kareem in
    MVP voting for the rest of the decade…

    1983 = Kareem got HUMILIATED in the 83 Finals…out-rebounded by Moses
    Malone 72-30… a pathetic choke performance….

    1984 = Kareem got ZERO double-doubles in 4 Losses vs Parish in the
    Finals… also a pathetic 7-25 shooting in Game 5… Kareem = Biggest
    Choker in history…

    1986 = Dropped three 40 point games on the Rockets in a meaningless BLOWOUT
    in the western conference finals… he was stat padding his meaningless
    scoring record….

    1987 = OUTREBOUNDED by many POINT GUARDS that season… JOHN STOCKTON,

    1988 = Kareem was handed his final damn ring as a sidekick… a pathetic 13
    points and 4 rebounds per game in the Finals while being held to 41%
    shooting by the midget Dumars… A god damn Center letting the other
    starting 5 OUTREBOUND him… Worthy, Magic, AC Green, and Bryon Scott
    peaked over FIVE rebounds on average in the Finals… Kareem peaked FOUR…

    1989 = Retires by padding his last meaningless scoring record in NBA

    1990 = Lakers go 63-19 without Kareem… Magic’s 2nd best record since he
    arrived!! Kareem is worth nothing…

    1991 = Magic took LA to the Finals and had his highest career assist % with
    injured players…



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