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This is my updated version of “The John Calipari Era” (2009-2014)

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Fair use is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders.
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  1. thwip71

    LOL @ Rob Parker….chump got fired for making racist comments against his
    own people. And Pat Forde has sucked Pitino’s cock more than Karen

  2. Jon Lowe

    Anthony Davis the best player to ever put on a UK uniform .. Mark it

  3. Andrew Cornett

    Please keep making these after each season! They’re amazing, and they make
    me so pumped every season!

  4. todd back

    I’m sure i speak for many of the BBN, THANK YOU for putting together this
    awesome video, wow!! 

  5. Dan Eberhardt

    If this isn’t the best UK video ever, it’s close

    Thirty minutes is a long time to sit down and watch a YouTube video, but
    this one may be worth a half-hour of your life. It features, well,
    everything. It features literally everything from Calipari’s run at
    Kentucky, including shots from the haters and his best moments.

    Watch it if you have time. If you don’t have time, save it for later, but
    watch it.

  6. sturttv

    When I clicked on this video, I thought this was a UofL fan making fun of
    Calipari. You seriously proudly title Calipari as “Players First”? Wow,
    you guys are seriously seriously seriously morons.

  7. rock don

    hey bobby knight at least he don’t hit his players and throw chairs and act
    like a big asshole

  8. Chris Abshire

    One of the best videos like this I have ever seen!! #Kentucky9ation 

  9. Chase Slone

    Thank you so much for making this video. It perfectly sums up the Calipari
    era and even gave me chills at times. Great job.

  10. Chloerose 17

    Awesome video, *GOOSEBUMPS* best UK video I have saw. Great job Airball

  11. ufcismma

    I just don’t see anybody beating this team this year, I am predicting they
    go undefeated all season. 

  12. john mace

    Great video!! Thanks.
    But i think you will have to keep adding on to it.. lol
    GO CATS!

  13. David Larue

    The best team video I have ever seen. I’m a UNC fan though but I like
    Kentucky a lot. Much respect for this video though, you killed it.

  14. Jackson Whitley

    The truth is Calipari is a great recruiter, but he is not a good coach on
    the level of Izzo, coach k, etc. I still respect the program he has
    developed though.

  15. Brad Evand

    You mother fuckers sure skipped that Robert Morris season quick! You
    bitches! Fag ass nation of rednecking cunts. Die fuckers.

  16. bmt22033

    This is quite possibly the best video you’ve ever made and that’s saying a
    lot! Thank you for making and sharing this! Go Big Blue!!!

  17. Carla Chaney

    You did it again!! This is an awesome video!! I’m so glad that we have you
    on our side! haha Seriously though, just awesome! 

  18. Bradley Short

    +ukcats8fan ,,, I’ve been following you for quite a while man and you’ve
    always done excellent work but as of late you have really stepped your game
    up. You really capture the spirit of what Kentucky basketball means to the
    fans and I appreciate the effort you put in doing so. Keep up the good work
    man,,, from a proud follower. BBN baby.

  19. Seong Kim

    My Huskies winning the Big East and the National Championship in 2011 and
    the Huskies winning the 2014 Championship after being banned for a year are
    THE greatest stories, but this was still one of the best! 

  20. Chloerose 17

    love it… frog in throat ,goosebumps, emotional…cant wait till the ride
    begins again in August.#BBN4LIFE

  21. Ryan

    The watermark is truly terribly placed. Be normal and put it *IN* one of
    the bottom corners.

  22. jonathan bailey

    It’s over this year already. Give K the title now. I’m dead serious.
    Everyone’s coming back more experienced, stronger, faster, just plain
    better. And the new freshmen are good too. The back up point guard Tyler
    Ulis could start anywhere in the country and he’s the backup at UK. It’s
    gonna look like 2011 again with Anthony Davis I”m telling you. I can’t wait
    they’re gonna be a problem

  23. Mark Nantz

    I was at the Louisville game, The energy in the stadium was absolutely
    crazy!! Then went to lex when they knocked off Wisconsin! Incredible year,
    When Harison made that shot, everyone went nuts!

  24. Craig Sowder

    Marshall Baker, I thought UCLA was gonna beat us, you friggin idiot… UCLA
    didn’t even score on UK until almost the 12 minute mark. 

  25. Taylor Jewell

    11-0 Record so far this season, proud to be a Wildcat. #bigbluenation 

  26. Tyler Moore

    Great year Kentucky. This is coming from an Arkansas fan, you had one of
    the best comebacks i have seen. I hope next year Kentucky and Arkansas are
    both strong. #lovetherivalry 

  27. jkmann

    This run was seriously unlike anything I’ve been a part of as a fan. I
    thought the 2011 Final Four run was special, and this obliterated that. The
    drama, the stakes, the unlikely heroes, the absolutely classic moments that
    just kept coming… never going to forget this one. About as close to pure
    joy as I have come as a Kentucky fan.

  28. Cody Perin

    Who wants to bet that UK and Wichita State end up in the same bracket this

  29. Nick Elliott

    This site greatest video iv ever watched on Kentucky on YouTube. Please
    make more of these!!! 

  30. thompson haire

    I love it. Of all the Kentucky teams this may just be my favorite. No, they
    didn’t win the title, but still showed off an amazing amount of grit and
    determination. I know some will disagree with me, but it will be a tough

  31. joker37281

    As a UConn fan, I have to say that Kentucky’s run and UConn’s run were both
    pretty impressive. And to whoever says that Kentucky lost to Florida 3
    times last year, think about this: at the end of the season, Kentucky was
    in the National Championship and Florida wasn’t. UConn beat Florida twice,
    once on a buzzer beater, and the other in the Final Four by 10, Kentucky
    only lost by 6, which was a closer game than Florida’s. Now Kentucky please
    do me a favor and get Drake off the bandwagon. Thanks :)

  32. Drew Greene

    I still get chills. I’ve been a fan since 1987 and I’ve never seen a
    tournament run like that. The unexpected joy and elation of close games is
    much better than the pressure of trying to not lose when you’re expected to
    win (a la 1996 and 2012). I get on here and start to read the comments and
    I see this Marshall Baker guy as the top comment on here. Well, I just
    can’t have that so I’m gonna get a little cheesy.

    I was born in Cincinnati, grew up in Northern Kentucky and later Lexington.
    Every state has it’s own charm and I saw some others (left Kentucky for 12
    years and lived in 5 other states). But I’ve been back for the last 8 years
    and I’ve fallen in love with my home all over again. Everywhere from
    Louisville to Northern KY to the plains and farms of Western Kentucky,
    Bowling Green and Owensboro. The amazingly haunting beauty of our Red River
    Gorge, Pine Mountain, Morehead, Cave Run Lake, Hazard, Pikeville, Ashland.
    The mystique of Mammoth Cave, Land Between the Lakes, Danville, Somerset
    and Lake Cumberland. Finally, there’s the jewel of all awkwardly large
    college towns–that is Lexington. Home to the Wildcats. My home too.

    Lexington is thriving right now and while only a portion of the city may
    know what I’m alluding to, the one thing that unifies us all is the
    University of Kentucky and it’s basketball team. The team that we’re
    watching this year is truly something special that, if we do what we’re
    capable of, will be remembered forever. We could add something unmatchable
    to our already unmatched history.

    Our state has stigmas and stereotypes. Many of them are not good. The north
    thinks we’re southern, the south thinks we’re northern. The Midwest refuses
    to claim us. But you know what? I don’t care. We are unique. We are
    uncategorized. We are Kentucky. We are the greatest tradition, in the
    history of college basketball. Go Big Blue. Forever.

  33. Marshall Baker

    Wouldn’t it be the greatest story ever if they actually won the
    championship lol 


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