When I set out to medicate with Korova Edibles’ 3-Dose Medical Cannabis Chocolate Chip cookie — a party favor that everyone who checked ’em out at the Cannabis Cup in February got to take home — I knew I was in for a fun night, but I didn’t know just how good it would get.


How I was Sold on the Taste after one Bite

The cookie’s base is a batter that tastes of equal delicious parts cinnamon, sugar, and cannabis. (I was seriously surprised to find that cinnamon actually isn’t an ingredient. Go figure!)

Clearly, the good people at Korova don’t shy away from their product’s origins. As I’ve said before, I love it when brands don’t try to mask the taste of cannabis in a cookie. And in the 3-Dose Chocolate Chip cookie, marijuana is just another part of the flavor, like a spice or a garnish in a fine restaurant.


How much of the marijuana edible should be consumed? aka the Proper Dosage!

This edible contains 150mg THC and 1.8mg CBD. In other words, that’s a lot of bang for my buck. Finding the right dose when consuming marijuana edibles can be tricky. each individual is different and should be wary of the edible side effects.

Other Korova edibles include up to 20 doses, so that patients in need of higher doses can get affordable medication. I think that’s genius.

Even though this cookie is described as a “3-dose,” I started out with just one quarter of the edible because I know how much stronger edibles can feel than smoked weed. I figured I’d be getting a little less than one “dose.”

That was a good call, because…


Why the Effects of this Korova Edible sold me as the perfect source of relaxation

About an hour after I’d eaten the cookie, I started to feel loopy. In fact, the room was spinning around me like a personal merry-go-round, but in a pleasant way.

I felt euphoric and laid back, able to think outside the box (but unable to quit giggling about it) and capable. However, it wasn’t too easy to focus. I think for that, a smaller dose would have worked wonders.


How to Best Use the High

I personally used the high to finish up some writing and then to watch reruns of The Sopranos, my favorite show of all time.

After a few hours, I then used the high to kick back and sleep like a rock for a full eight hours. The next day, I was seriously refreshed and didn’t feel hung over from the high at all.



On a scale of 1 to 10, I award this Korova cookie a 9.5 — almost impossible to improve upon. I’d love to see this cookie with even more CBD, because maybe that would help me focus better. But that’s just my personal preference.

[Photo: doctorsordersrx.com]

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