The Los Angeles Lakers have taken a lot of criticism this year for their failure in free agency and unexpected signing of Roy Hibbert. Leaving many Laker fans confused with the moves they have been making the potential of Brandon Bass coming to the Lakers has many feeling slightly better.

Also the signing of last year’s 6th man Lou Williams really helped out their young backcourt of Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell. They signed him to a 3 year deal worth nearly $21 million. So having a reigning 6th man and Kobe Bryant in the back court with two younger guards should provide for solid mentors to help these young guards develop into solid players.

The big man from Boston may not be as dominant as LaMarcus Aldridge or Greg Monroe but he is a hustler who does not quit on the court and is a solid 4 who will get you rebounds. While the deal is not quite official many media outlets are speculating it will happen once the finalize the details.

As poorly as Roy Hibbert has been playing the past few seasons, he is nearly 7’3″ meaning a lot of rim protection and if he can get his offensive game back he could be a threat offensively. Who knows maybe thats what Kupchack was thinking and with the help of Abdul-Jabbar Hibbert can become a dominant big man again.

But back to Brandon Bass, the 6’8″ big man is a role player that will help the Lakers in energy and rebounding. He has been in the NBA for nearly 10 years now and he has developed a reputation for being a hustler.

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