With a foul from the pacers sealing off any chance of Lebron James and the Cavaliers continuing their winning streak that peaked at a total of 12 games. Even with the Pacers defense that allowing the Cavs to shoot 65 percent from the field in the first things became completely different during the second half, holding Cleveland to just 15 points with Lebron James only putting up nine points and one rebound.

“I just thought we corralled him some, He picked us apart a couple of times, but Solo (Solomon Hill) competed against him possession after possession. Didn’t give him anything.”
While Hill was guarding James during the entire game, he came out of the wood works with a huge crowd pleasing dunk, followed by a back to back lay up. This was initially it was deemed as an offensive foul but was then compromised by another official. The Pacers fans at the sold out game went wild. It’s not a surprise to me that the Cleveland Cavaliers fell to the Pacers, who had panned for the game and the usual tricks that Lebron James has up his sleeve accordingly. With a game winning streak totaling in at a whopping number Lebron has no reason to be upset about the outcome of their loss. Lebron was injured for most of the winning streak and when he got back the players kept the momentum up and built their strategy around Lebron as usual. This might of been their first mistake but as the season goes on the team is set to finish the year off strong.

“Coach put the ball in my hand for a play, and I just tried to be as aggressive as possible, You gotta make them account for you. If you don’t make them account for you, it’s kind of like five-on-four out there.”

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