Recently Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers turned 30 years old. Here a recent compilation of his 30 best plays from his time in the NBA so far. Now playing for the Cavs, Lebron James had won two championships with the Miami Heat.

Lebron finally got the Cavs playing right and Kevin Love is making a difference. It will be interesting to see how the finish off the season and how far in the playoffs they make it. Will they possibly win the NBA Finals?

Do you agree with us? Are those Lebron’s 30 best plays? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Ali R

    You haters need to chill. Still don’t understand why y’all can’t accept the
    fact that he’s one of the best players of our generation… 

  2. ExpCommie

    I think we can all agree on these opinions:
    1) LeBron will be one of the greatest of all time
    2) Whether him, Kobe, or Jordan are better will never be answered – there
    is a case for each one to be the greatest
    3) LeBron doesn’t get up like he used to currently

  3. JayRicci7891

    Comment threads of autism. By the end of his career LeBron James will
    easily be thought of as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest player to
    ever grace the NBA. And when that day comes, you haters will realize that
    all this hate was just a waste of time when you could have been enjoying
    his talent. 

  4. Cleveland Brown

    The one and only King James ….. The best to ever touch a basketball 

  5. Joel Anthony AKA Mr MVP

    hapy berthdauy tu thu keng lebon jams! hop u have greet day man u have
    akomplshed so much in ur kareer and stil have much muore to acheve all thu
    hatirs can sauy wut thay want abuot hem and he wil steal prov u rong lebon
    jams wil retir as 1 of thu gretest tu evar plauy thu game im not sayeng he
    wil evir be beatur thin mikil jurdin but if he keps plauying like he has
    bin he wil be mentined in thu same breth as jurdin in no time lets get thus
    wen tunite cavaleers hapy berthdauy keng jams have blesd dauy!

  6. Techniec

    Most overrated player of all fucking time. If you don’t surround him with
    lethal shooters that spread the floor, he will never beat you. Not even top
    10 of all time.

  7. A Maddy

    if y’all don’t like lebron why go on his videos? i avoid Durant, Rose, and
    Paul Pierce videos like the plague but you LeBron haters practically wait
    for a video with LeBron’s name in it to spread hate and ignorance however i
    have yet to see any of you give concrete evidence as to why he is not as
    good as your favorite players

  8. Chris Paul

    I don’t get why people hate LBJ, he’s a good player and a good guy, I have
    alot of respect for him.

  9. Niccolò Machiavelli

    Top 30 boring ass plays, u seen one, you seen them all

  10. Bamboozled

    How the fk could anyone say LeBron’s shit after watching this video?

  11. dunkperfection

    Jason Terry knew he fucked up when he was falling through mid air

  12. Harnoor Singh

    Ehh.. a Wade top 30 would have been better but I guess he wasn’t as
    deserving when he turned 30 smh.

  13. taipz

    where are the flops that won him championships and the cowardly decision
    those are his most memorable plays.

  14. MrWade365

    Hopefully he sees this video and start playing with the same fire he had
    back then. Right now, he’s having a mediocre season(by his standard).
    Rebound average is down. He can’t consistently finishes layups. He’s
    shooting under 50% from the field even though he shot around 57% from the
    field last season and his turnovers are high. I don’t know what will wake
    him up, but he’s just not playing like the best player in the league

  15. Bobby Shmurda

    Heat Lebron > 2003-2010 Lebron > Current Lebron
    Current Lebron is washed up but in old cavs days and heat days he was

  16. FrankoiNHD

    Lebron could win more championships but he needs better teamates. The cavs
    should try to get demarcus cousins, anthony Davis, james harden, steph
    curry, and kawhi leonard so he doesn’t shut him down like he did in the

    With that team he will surely win more championship, so his excuse for not
    winning in the finals won’t be that his teamates suck.


  17. Troll

    Incoming haters complaining that the NBA doesn’t make videos like this for
    other players. Do any of you even understand how this capitalistic world
    works? The NBA is a fucking buisness. LeBron sells the most tickets, shoes,
    jerseys, and merchandises. He is the most watched player in the NBA.
    Everyday he is talked about on ESPN. Imagine if he retired this year in his
    prime. The NBA, Nike, ESPN, etc will not profit as much. Why do people
    think that the NBA should care about you and your favourite player? The NBA
    is a multi-billion dollar business, not a local cupcake store owned by
    Grandma Kathy and her 7 cats.

  18. NBA

    To celebrate LeBron James’ 30th Birthday, we count down the TOP 30 PLAYS of
    his career! #LBJat30


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