It can be easy to forget how amazing life truly is. In the midst of our busy workweeks and sleep deprivation, even smoking weed can start to feel a little… commonplace.

But not so fast. Actually, every little bud is something special, and it’s mainly those macro shots we call “weedporn” that prove it.

Check out these stunning shots, from a variety of Instagram accounts, to remind yourself that there’s a whole lot of beauty out there.

Gorgeous thaisticks



We looove big buds too


I Like Big Buds & I Can Not Lie !! … #TheBudFatherOriginals

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Dem trichomes doe!



Cheese x hashplant cross



That fire Durban Poison



A lil gardening


I'm happy home grow is legal in OR. I hope I can grow something half as good as this on my own soon!!!

A photo posted by Jamie (@blonde__hippie) on


Easter nugs


Happy easter fgtz

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Hey bro… pass that.


Pass that

A photo posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on


And some amazing nugs from Desert Heart Collective!


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