“Go East and pay the least” – Len Lyall Chevrolet

Any Denverite that has inhabited this great city for more than 3 months has more-than-likely heard this catchy jingle on the radio, at some point.


While Len Lyall is selling cars, his now infamous catchphrase can be applied to this week’s dispensary review, LightShade Labs. Up until ~3 weeks ago, LightShade’s only 2 locations were situated mere minutes from one another. Now, LightShade has a third location on S Sheridan & Mississippi St., but we’ll get to that later…in part 2. So stay tuned!
Until then, as a run up to the dispensary review of LightShade’s newest location next week, let’s take a look at the other two locations that have been residing East of the city with easy access from east-or-westbound I70 nearly since A64 was enacted in 2013. While the two locations are close in proximity, they are far from being similar in quality.

LightShade – Holly

The LightShade flagship store makes no qualms about its status. A walk-in ID check room with plenty of space for the whole crew, and a waiting area just on the other side of the door that’s clean and welcoming, while still remaining a professional veneer.
Menus are easily browse-able in their respective medical and recreational 3-ring folders, and service to the bud room is typically very prompt. If you’re lucky enough to spot a LightShade coupon in the back of a Westword or Culture magazine, you can expect to walk out with 1/8th – 1/4 for under $50, every time.
The process in the bud room is a bit Rube Goldberg-esque, patrons order from one counter, but receive their products at another counter with nearly overwhelming floor-to-ceiling storage of buds, concentrates, and edibles.

Because the employees at this location are on their game, however, the process is quick and effortless, usually only taking ~15 min from entry to exit with green. A solid “A/A-” flagship business for the now budding company.


LightShade – Peoria

As well organized and professional as the Holly location is, the Peoria station is NOT. Admittedly the Peoria location is a much smaller building, but the layout inside only exacerbates the issue.
Customers enter and are immediately greeted with a white wall, which is truly merely a partition between the entrance and the product.
The ID check desk is located all the way on the left-most wall, so customers have to climb over other customers waiting patiently in one of 3 chairs located between the entry door and the ID check desk that is completely out of place.
While the wait was not too terrible, people both with and without employee ID badges constantly stream in and out of the partition door leading to the product displays, making the customers feel unwanted and skipped over in line.
Once inside the half-wall partition product display area (area, not room because the wall partition only reaches halfway to the ceiling) don’t expect to find any deals, when arriving the day after a deal was advertised in the Westword, the Peoria location was already out.
A quick call to the flagship Holly location found them to be completely still in stock with a similar discounted product.
If the flagship Holly location gets an “A”, the Peoria location earns a solid “D+”. Maybe this location has been overlooked due to the newest, 3rd location expansion taking up most of the time. Even so, Peoria needs a store-wide revamp if it hopes to keep pace with its other 2 LightShade brethren.

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  1. Jeremy

    I love Lightshade Holly! Went in looking for a gram or two, walked out with a half o. These guys really know what they’re doing. A++!


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