A once Boulder-based start-up is now a Front Range staple establishment. With all the southern hospitality of a Louisiana family reunion. The humble, spread roots may suggest an eclectic menu, but Lucile’s Creole Cafe does only one thing: authentic Louisiana breakfast food. And they do it better than anyone else in town.

This week Mile High Munchies in the Morning (MHMM) takes a trip down south (S Logan St., to be exact) for a taste of authentic creole right in the heart of Denver.

To Begin, Bloodys Buttermilk Biscuits, and Beignets

Take it from a pro: don’t worry about blazing before arriving at Lucile’s Creole Cafe. With a typical wait time during prime breakfast time (9am-1pm, or so) exceeding an hour and reaching possibly two hours, there’s plenty of time to sneak back home for a bowl.

Just don’t blaze so much you forget you put a name down in the first place. The inevitable munchies should take care of that problem on its own, however.

If you slipped up and toked up before coming to Lucile’s, that’s alright. Immediately inside the Denver location entrance is the bar serving some of the best bloody Mary’s in town.

Cop one and find a place around the outdoor fire pit blazing (pun intended) during all business hours. It could be an hour or two before being served, so get comfy, it’s all worth it.

Once seated, be sure to not skip on tasting the complimentary, delicious buttermilk biscuit (see photo above) served with arugula or raspberry jam. Highly unlikely due to the fact you’ll probably be pretty hungry after such a hefty wait time, but important to point out none-the-lesser.

Since the biscuit is free, that allows you to spend that saved scrilla on beignets. Four, powder-topped French donuts served hot and fluffy with syrup. These tasty treats are the coup de grace of the Lucile’s dining experience.

EGGS!…and Everything Else

If your high has eliminated your ability to properly make informed decisions, simply go with one of Lucile’s many delicious egg-based menu options. If it’s named after someone, or seems to have words from another language in it, you won’t be disappointed.

Also, always trust alliteration at Lucile’s, it’s the trade secret way of saying “we do this so well, it can have a funny name and still sell.”

If not in an egg mood, the Pain Perdu will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Bourbon Street in New Orleans. French toast, hot Louisiana sausage, and “buttery syrup” make up this classic creole concoction.

And Ambiance?

Family fun for all. Well-groomed waitresses. Entertaining, egg-slinging eatery everyone enjoys.

All alliteration aside, Lucile’s is the best place in town for a big, Baton Rouge breakfast. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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