It’s a sentence so futuristic, it’s almost unbelievable. But it’s true: marijuana drone delivery is changing the landscape of… well, prison contraband.

In the middle of the night, reports The New York Times, correctional facilities everywhere from America to Great Britain and the Land Down Under are the intended recipients of secret drone deliveries.

Manned by a remote control that an anonymous someone operates, usually in a nearby forest, the drones glide to a halt after they cross over a prison fence. In the packages they carry can be found cellphones, cigarettes, and yep — marijuana.

But is there really anything so wrong with a little canna delivery to brighten an inmate’s day?

Considering that cannabis has actually been connected with a decrease in violent behavior — let that sink in for a moment — it might actually make sense for prisoners to be allowed to partake.

Unfortunately, given our society’s obsession with crime and punishment, it’s likely to be a long while before marijuana becomes a staple in prisons alongside the mystery meat and orange jumpsuits.

But, just like the people behind these mysterious drone deliveries, a citizen can definitely dream.

[Photo: via Flickr/JoshuaDavisPhotography]

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  1. Bill

    WTF!! I wish I had a drone delivering me weed when I was serving time.


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