If you’re an anxious person, cannabis is either a godsend — or a terrible idea. That’s why it’s super important to be aware of what your chosen strain really does. With that in mind we went ahead and tested a large variety of strains to see which strains are best for each possible condition.We got some the right strains for anxiety.

And if it’s an intense sativa, you probably shouldn’t smoke it to ward off a panic attack. That stuff won’t work.

Our Favorite Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

As a lifelong anxiety sufferer, I think I have the authority to say that these strains rival a Xanax when it comes to chilling you out. The psychoactive effects of marijuana are not as intense as painkillers and they do not cost nearly as much.

Anxiety can keep us restless and keep us from living our lives. It is a health concern that many humans deal with everyday. Doctors have medication they can prescribe to help with the effects that come from it, but sometimes you want something all natural that does not have all the potential health effects that painkillers do. Why fight what mother nature has provided us with and has been proven year after year.

Anxiety calls for the right type of strain that help your mind think efficently and overcome whatever challenges come your way. Our list of cannabis strains below are a few of our fans favorites when it comes to preventing anxiety with cannabis.

Blue Dream


Source: Youtube.com

This hybrid strain gives its user a little bit of mental stimulation while acting as a muscle relaxant. I haven’t come across a Blue Dream tincture before, but I imagine this would be a great thing to try — instant anxiety relief without even having to smoke. Basically, an herbal alternative to Valium.

This cannabis strain is a favorite of many sativa fans. When it comes to creating a happy mood or euphoric and energetic, blue dream is the strain of choice. It grew in popularity on the West Coast and spread from that.

Blue Dream is anxiety’s worst nightmare. The sweet berry taste creates an amazing full body effect that does not leave you couch locked like other hybrid strains. It can help with stress or anxiety that comes from your daily life and the tasks you are left responsible to take care. The higher amounts of  the compound CBD in it makes it effective in suppressing anxiety and its hated symptoms.

Bubba Kush


Source: the-healing-connection.org

It’s an indica, but that doesn’t mean you can’t smoke it before class. However, be forewarned: you’ll find yourself enjoying a lax, lazy feeling once you medicate. Oh, and don’t use this strain if you don’t wanna feel euphoric.

This cannabis strain for anxiety can help tranquilize the effects of anxiety. It does not matter if you have anxiety from an upcoming test or a presentation you are preparing for, bubba kush can help you control that anxiety. The high thc levels in this strain make it a solid choice.

Not only does it give you that euphoric feeling it puts you in a great mood. It will help with your anxiety and release the daily stress of life. The strains history show it connected to the original afghani kush that has been around for years. Afghani Kush is a very effective cannabis strain when it comes to defeating conditions such as insomnia or anxiety.


Jack Herer


Source: budgenius.com

I know I’m always talking about Jack, and that’s because he’s one of the top players in the cannabis game. Though classified as a sativa, Jack Herer doesn’t come with the traditional overstimulation of such a high.

Anxiety can leave your head feeling clogged and lost. Blue dream can help eliminate that lost feeling and get your clear-headed and creative ready for the event this creating anxiety in your life. Another sativa dominant cannabis strain, jack’s properties have users excited about its energetic and anti-anxiety effects.

We all hate those mornings where we wake up with anxiety for what the day has prepared for us. It can lead to you feeling depressed and down about yourself. Jack Herer is a great choice to help you realize you are the one in power and can accomplish anything! You can think of it as your morning medication to get you through the day. The best part is it’s all natural and was provided to us by mother nature, not a factory with a bunch of chemicals.


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