When it comes to cannabis the amount of THC is what people generally associate with the stronger and better cannabis strains. So we got our highest thc cannabis strains that have the highest THC content.

1) Bruce Banner

Ranking in as the most potent strain ever tested in the history of our Cannabis Cups, the OG Dominant strain hailing from Colorado boasts a 28% THC content. Bruce Banner is an OG Kush mother crossed with a Strawberry Diesel father hybrid coming from Reservoir Seeds.

The male used in the crossbreed was Kushman’s Strawberry Cough x some classic NY Sour Diesel, while the OG mom is said to be the Ghost OG from Oregon making Bruce Banner a truly potent smoke.

Many have recognized it for its happy and uplifting characteristics. Making it the perfect choice for depression or those stressful times when you could use a break to think everything through.


Source: The Nug

2) A-Dub

Next, coming out of California, A-Dub is the latest brand of OG x Sour D x Chem D hybrids that are populating this list so far. A-Dub is technically a Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble x Alien Technology x Chemdog with 28% THC.

With a strong Indica feel it looks like A-Dub deserved its number two spot! As many other OG strain it is great for relaxation after a long day at work or intense workout session. Many users have mentioned how it helps them sleep at night. So it might not be the best strain to be smoking during the day if you have a lot to accomplish.

3) Satori

The perfect strain to help you get through the day, whether its work or personal. Satori is a hybrid that is 50/50 Sativa and Indica. As the pictures shows, the crystals can be seen and imagine the great aroma it gives off. This hybrid marijuana strain is a run off of Lucid Dream which has traces of the classic Blue Dream in it.

With 28% THC this strain earned its spot on top of our list. The Satori strain has been crossbred with strawberry base strains to create Strawberry Satori. As imagined it shares similar effects to its sister. But back to Satori, it has been to be a great work aid like other Sativas. It may help you get those creative engines running when you have deadlines to meet. If your in Washington make sure to try this strain out. it wont be one you forget!


Source: icmag

4) Tickle Kush

As this beautifully crossed breed of Chemdog x LA Kush, surpassed the 27 percent mark in THC, Tickle Kush has rightfully earned it’s spot as the number four most potent strain on the market.  The “coco-coir” medium that this strain was cultivated in is definitely a  key to it’s success as a strain that is both High in THC and high class in the way it smokes.

Commonly found in Colorado this Kush has been known to satisfy many needs! The strain is recommended by Leafly for Energy, Happiness, Hunger and Euphoricness. But it seems for some reason it hasn’t caught like wildfire quite yet. Could it be the name?

5) Blue Cookies

Judging by the interesting and appealing name, my first thought was that Blue cookies was a hybrid between Blue Dream (my personal favorite) and Girl scout cookies, a new school stain that’s sweeping the nation. This cannabis strain has a 26.29% thc levels.

To my surprise, the opener for our most potent list has a mother plant bringing in its Girl Scout accents and a Blueberry dominant males upbringing. This Indica-heavy hybrid does best grown indoors and  comes in as an early bloomer compared to the original Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Source: Sticky Guide

Feel we missed a strain? Let us know below, there are always so many new marijuana strains being created every week. So if you know of a new strain share it with your fellow toker!

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