Marijuana Strains: Utopia Og Review
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The Og strain family has brought a variety of great Indica’s. The Utopia Og is one of the newer bred’s coming out. Having roots in the Og family you can count on that effect that leaves you relaxed and comfortable. Perfect to end you day and become sedative enough to fall asleep.

The beautiful red-brown hairs mixed with the lightly faded green buds is an immediate indicator of how the indica heavy strain would leave you feeling. The Utopia Og has sweet buds that will leave you on cloud 9 unlike different marijuana strains in the family.

One of the better strains for a range of anxieties and PTSD. Different marijuana strains might have a higher CBD level but they do not have that Og effect many smokers enjoy. It grew in popularity on the west coast where it grew well. The environment and weather near Lake Tahoe area went well with Middle East weather where the strain originated from.

Source: OC Weed Review

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