Growing up I have always been a fan of Og’s, they always are the most effective for dealing with my anxiety and back pain. So finding a dispensary that carries primarily Og strains is harder to find these days. Mary Jane’s dispensary in Hollywood is the place to go when you are looking for Og’s. They offer a wide variety of og strains with great prices.


So my first experience at Mary Jane’s dispensary began with the usual signup process. Once I completed that I was able to go in the back and check out the meds. My first instinct led me to the indica based og’s especially after hearing thats what they specialize in. I checked out a few different strains and ended up picking the Big Brother Og and got some edibles to go. The Big Brother Og was amazing and had a great feel after. Even though it was a little pricier it was definitely worth the extra money.

Their ftp deals were nothing too special. i think I got $5 off my order or a free preroll. Just like most other places, the free house joints are the leftover shake so they are never really that great. his marijuana dispensary is another great option when it comes to Hollywood’s weed dispensaries. They have quality product at great prices and I am yet to be let down. Their contact info is listed below:

Mary Jane’s
4901 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA, 90004

Hours: 10am-8pm everyday

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