As the 18th state to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for under 10 grams in any one citizen’s possession, Maryland is looking to prepare for the upcoming widespread green rush.

With four states — Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Colorado legalizing pot for recreational use, Colorado alone earned $3.5 million from medical marijuana taxes and fees sales in January of last year. Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland is one step ahead of the system, creating a marijuana business class that will educate students at the institution on how to properly turn a profit in a world where weed is becoming a number one cash crop

“Opportunities are endless, whatever we can create in our heads,” said Dean Warner, a student at the Community College.

“The people that made the money in the Gold Rush were not the guys with the nuggets,” said Professor Shad Ewart. “It was the people who sold them the picks, the shovels, made the blue jeans, opened the banks.”

“I’m just trying to open their eyes to the opportunities,” Ewart said. “Be the guy that supplies the lighting, the nutrients, the dirt.”

The college started a class on Monday that specifically explores business opportunities around the country’s expanding marijuana market.

Its professor, Shad Ewart, has taught business and marketing classes at a college level for almost 15 years. He originally wanted to call the class “Ganja-preneurship” but that turned out to be far too progressive of a name, thus changing it to Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Emerging Markets: Marijuana Legalization.

I believe that this is a great opportunity for students on the east coast to get a better understanding of the chances they have to make revenue in a growing market like the pot industry. If students can understand how the market works before a widespread legalization takes place it will pose to be a profitable business move for anyone with background knowledge on the substance.



Source: Capital Gazette

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