Massachusetts is quite the progressive state. They got everything together and passed a bill allowing the use and distribution of medical marijuana throughout the state.

Since 2012 this initiative has been active but there have been no signs of any dispensaries or actual cultivation of the product in the past two, now coming on three years.

Now the time has finally come for the sticky green leaf to make its appearance in the first ever Marijuana dispensary on the Massachusetts market.
After passing it’s inspection stage that allowed the dispensary to safely operate in the market, ATG and the other awaiting dispensaries, can start developing their cultivation center, medical retail centers, and realistic business plans.

14 other dispensaries have to undergo the same trials in order to become legitimate dispensaries in the New England area but even after passing inspections it should take about 2 – 4 months for each dispensary to get up and running and with a total of fourteen individual greeneries trying to get off the ground it could be a while until the booming city see’s the kind of progression that places like Washington State and Colorado have seen.
ATG will begin growing weed immediately at its grow facility in Amsebury which should be a huge relief for needy patients in the Massachusetts area.
I for one am excited to see such a history rich city moving over to medical marijuana use, I think that it is a huge step in the right direction and my belief is that it will show enough progress and forward thinking as a need for alternative medicine increases.
It is a little disappointing that it took almost two years for the legalization of a true medical initiative to take part. The sheer fact that it will become a reality when spring hits will finally make up for the late start.

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