Maui Blue Shatter Review
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A favorite concentrate of mine, Maui Blue Shatter, will not disappoint at 78% THC. The marijuana shatter from Kush Extracts makes you feel like your actually in Maui after taking a couple dabs of it.

Unlike other clear shatter concentrates, this amber shatter concentrate has that beautiful glow to it relieving any worries you might have of it not being potent or tasteful.

Instantly I knew that I was going to be happy with my decision to try it out. The golden orange is a beautiful sight, I even contemplated not dabbing to enjoy the sight.

When it comes to different shatters and doing reviews of them sometimes the color can be misleading, so until I actually tasted the shatter I knew I couldn’t give a fair review of it.

The dark berry terpene exists in spades from the Blueberry, but it is equally matched by Maui Waui’s acidic lemon and fragrant pine. It had a sweetness though, typical to both strains, that I can taste in every hit.
This Maui Blue hybrid is perfect for those looking for a nice sativa high. It has that Maui Waui high, that leaves energetic and purposeful. The mostly cerebral high increased visual and aural stimuli, making for a heightened experience.

But don’t be surprised if the Blueberry sneaks in to knock you flat. A base in many of my favorite strains, Blueberry is a solid indica offering both pain relief and a body buzz bordering on physical euphoria.

Courtesy: OC Weed Review

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