The greatest of all NBA superstars, Michael Jordan, has accomplished what no other player has been capable of doing, avg 33 pts for multiple seasons. With Scottie Pippen by his side Air Jordan won 6 championships.

Michael Jordan has set the standard too high for other players to even come close to. Some other superstars like Kobe Bryant. Lebron James and previous superstars can only dream of putting numbers like Mike.

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  1. Charles Mcfadden

    Benji Wilson would’ve been as good as Jordan or even better if he didn’t
    got killed 

  2. joe valdez

    Michael Is So Talented When He Played Other Players Looked In Ahh!

  3. S Huff

    TALENTED … GIFTED & BLESSED … Peace & Blessings Symone

  4. Carmella Masciulli

    booooo i hate basketball games and I’m forest to watch this cuz my teacher

  5. supah nova

    He is the greatest player of all-time but he was an asshole. I heard he
    ruined Muggsy Bogie’s career, punched Steve Kerr in the nose, and cheated
    an old lady at cards.

  6. Terrell Meadows

    This mans will to win at everything is unreal. I mean i have goose bumps
    watching this movie yes as a kid it was just a basketball game growing up
    in Chicago. But now as an adult you cannot teach this type of athleticism
    and thats why its unreal watching him play because you really don’t know
    what he will do next because he does it in the blink of an eye. G.O.A.T

  7. DjJokerr

    Jordan is still the G.O.A.T! The Greatest player Of All Time!

  8. Stuey Ungar

    do u guys know why they killed MJ’d dad ,,,, U think it was just a random
    killing you gotta to be nuts !!!! who just kills a old man in his car.. the
    news doesn’t tell you what really happened its because MJ was a degenerate
    Gambler he owed so much money to the bookies and they found out MJ ‘s dad
    was in the car and they killed him no random act of violence he didn’t have
    enough money to pay them i’m talking about like $30-40 million he lost !!!
    yes its true

  9. Tyler Devoe

    Michael jordan is defenatley the greatest basketball player to ever play.
    Nobody can be him

  10. spssw

    I have most of the imax documentaries but not this one. This is ridiculous
    I’m not going to watch a dumb basketball player

  11. displayname

    Jordan was a good player, but he was super protected by the NBA! The refs
    would always make calls in his and the Bulls favor! They would let Jordan
    and the Bulls foul like crazy.

  12. Supermoney97

    I respect MJ for who he is, he had so much love for the game that he left
    the money and glory behind because he knew it wasn’t right for him to play
    without motivation. You will never see that happen nowadays. Guys like
    Lebron and Melo don’t care about the motivation to win but only about being
    the greatest. MJ didnt care bout fame, he cared about winning which made
    him famous. 

  13. Joseph Scott

    James Worthy has said that Larry Bird was more difficult for him to guard
    than Jordan was.
    Michael Cooper has said that Larry Bird was more difficult for him to guard
    than Jordan was.
    Kevin McHale, when the topic of Jordan being scary came up, looked
    surprised and said, “I wasn’t scared of him.”
    Kareem has said that Oscar Robertson was a better player than Jordan.
    Kobe Bryant has said that Tracy McGrady was more difficult for him to guard
    than Jordan was.
    Grant Hill has said that the most difficult person for him to guard was
    Clyde Drexler has said that Rolando Blackman was more difficult for him to
    guard than Jordan was.
    Gary Payton has said that John Stockton was more difficult for him to guard
    than Jordan was.

    Obviously Jordan was one of the greats, but it’s interesting to see these
    players give their (afaik) honest perspectives.


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