Close your eyes for a second, and think back to when you were in grade school. Remember grabbing a plastic, sectioned tray, waiting in line for the lunch-lady’s daily offering, and socializing with friends was sometimes the only thing to look forward to, and offered a level of comfort hardly matched in adult life. Mile High Munchies remembers, despite all those smoke-outs between then and now.

Keeping the different food separate was important, back then. If it’s still important to you now, Denver’s The BSide should be your new place for good ‘ol fashion comfort food.

The BSide even takes it a step further, and serves their “Signature TV Dinners” on those very same sectioned trays of old. Add in some skeeball and a few other arcade classics – and alcohol, of course – and you’ve got yourself an adult trip down memory lane. 

Room to Reminisce

Located on 17th Ave & Humboldt St., The BSide has a surprising amount of space for being the new kid on the hottest block in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood. A large wrap-around bar greets customers at the door, with a full dining room space on one side and a classic arcade game room through a doorway on the other.

Personal Anecdote: As one of Mile High Munchies’ favorite places in the Mile High City, we chose The BSide for a recent birthday celebration this year. It comfortably fit 20 of our closest friends standing and sitting around the bar without blocking the entrance…too much. That’s just the entryway and bar room, alone. The BSide boasts 3 more rooms of space adjacent to the bar top. Just so you can get an idea of the sheer size of the place.

Chicken Comfort

When we think of ‘comfort food’, we think of fried chicken. No one fries a bird quite like The BSide.

Whether you’re there for a weekend brunch sesh after a wake n’ bake, or out on the town with the girlfriENT in the evening, the fried chicken is the flagship. Either paired with waffles at brunch, or a school lunch tray at dinner, the fried comfort food (chicken) is the best in town.

Additionally, (don’t let this put you off, we considered omitting this because the breading is so good you wouldn’t have noticed) The BSide uses coconut brine and gluten free flower on ALL of their fried chicken selections. As they say, ‘When in Colorado, do as the Coloradans do. Smoke and eat gluten free.’

While the prices at The BSide more closely resemble early 90’s rates, real penny-pinchers will appreciate all-day happy hour on Wednesdays.

So, take a vacation from adulthood and slip back to those comforting, early days of grade school while playing arcade games and still enjoying the privileges of being of legal age to drink. That’s a win-win-win (if you’re good at skeeball, that is).


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