Denver has long prided itself on being one of the fittest cities in the nation. It may come as a surprise, then, that one Denver-based sub joint has made it big from being fat.

Fat Jack’s Supersubs has quickly grown – like so many businesses in Denver – from its once humble roots on Colfax Ave. While the Capitol Hill location still stands on Denver’s most eclectic avenue, Fat Jack’s now boasts five locations in the Denver area. For this week’s mile high munchies on monday, we checked out the flagship Colfax store. Despite our Denver conscience denying being down, getting fat on some Fat Jack’s subs was totally worth every calorie!

Fat Jack’s On Five

Had to get that play on words in there, while there’s still a chance. The headline on the “Locations” page reads: NEW Five Points Location- COMING SOON! 2736 Welton St.

It seems many of Denver’s local business owners are flocking to the hottest neighborhood in Denver: Five Points. Yes, you read that right. After years of dilapidation and crime, Five Points is quickly becoming the place to set hold for Denver businesses.
First, it was Rosenberg’s Bagel & Delicatessen re-vamping the unused space. Soon after, they paired bagels with beer with the opening of Spangalang Brewery in the old Motor Vehicle Department space in the Five Points Plaza.
Now, it’s only right a lunchtime/dinnertime eatery find their way into the unused space to cater to hungry (and maybe slightly buzzed) customers.
Enter, Fat Jack’s location #6. Now you see why the previous pun was so im-pun-tant? Oops, now I can’t stop…

Silly Sub Names Hide Nothing

Most sub shops have a kitschy niche they fulfill by naming their subs a certain way after the name of the place, itself. Fat Jack’s is not an exception to this rule. It is, however, the exception to the rule that kitschy sub names are typically employed to distract from the sub’s lack of quality when biting into them.
With so much effort going in to names like ‘The Fax’, ‘Double D’, or ‘Don Juan’ it may be assumed the sub quality may have taken a hit. Not so. Fat Jack’s has some of the best – if not the best – cold subs this side of the Mississippi.
When in doubt, build your own ‘Fat Jack’ sub with three meats and cheeses, and whatever toppings you prefer. Just don’t blame them for making you tap your belly with satisfaction.
Denverites, for once stop thinking about being (or getting) fit and revert back to your fat instincts…aka fatstincts. Still not wanting to let go of your diet? Fat Jack’s now also delivers Little Man Ice Cream. AAAAAAAAND now today’s a ‘cheat day’.


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