Dogs and buds have many undeniable links. From drugs sniffing dogs, to finding dog hairs in the latest pickup, the two have an interesting positive and yet also negative relationship.

Like any true toker, blazing and becoming instantly more positive is the direction in which I’d rather focus.

Anyone who owns or has rescued a dog knows they exude nothing but a first-time toker’s ecstatic positivity. This is a very large part of what Jake’s Food and Spirits banks on for business. The other large part being great burgers, daily deals, and a 100-seat patio that is not surprisingly very dog friendly.

Specials, Specials Everywhere

With so many ways to save at Jake’s, it’s difficult to decide where to begin. Mile High Munchies has been known to get up early previously, so in the interest of consistency, we’ll start with Jake’s weekend brunch.
It’s hard to believe it’s already May, but…it is. While May used to bring flowers, it now brings something more personal, Mother’s Day. Jake’s celebrates the yearly observance with something every mother would love, free bottomless mimosas. Heck, that’s something everyone loves.

If you miss the chance to cheers mom on May 10th, you can still partake in bottomless mimosas on a patio with your best furry friend for less than $10 any weekend of the year.
Posting up in Jake’s large dog patio for bottomless drinks would be a great end to any early morning run with the pooch. Believe me. I’ve done it. More times than I should probably admit…Luckily, my furry friend will never tell.

When Brunch Turns to Lunch

Don’t be ashamed or shocked if bottomless brunch drags on under the sun on Jake’s patio. Instead embrace it, while embracing $6PBR and shot of Jameson specials for lunch during the weekend.
Not to be outdone by Saturday and Sunday, the weekdays boast great daily deals every day, including Trivia and 2-for-1 on Tuesdays and $0.50 wings on Wednesdays.

Getting high and chowing down on wings for 2-for-$1 is unfortunately becoming a rarity in the Denver area. Be sure to get some before the economy makes this once-popular wing deal extinct. Jake’s may soon be the only place to go for wing deals, thanks to RiNo’s cheaper real estate prices…for now.

Deal Double Dip

If somehow, despite the numerous deal options at Jake’s presented, one of them is not for you, don’t lose vigor. You can call your drink at Jake’s happy hour 4-7pm and again 10pm-close for only $4. $3 wells, $2 PBRs, and $1 off all drafts count down the ways one can save at Jake’s Happy Hour.


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