Due to the overwhelming number of delicious dining establishments in and around Denver, some breakfast bistros maintain high energy, in-your-face marketing techniques to attract business. Mile High Munchies visits with an establishment that has gone the road less traveled when it comes to bigger and better branding. Instead choosing to let the local, intimate feel speak for itself. This road less traveled, of course, is what has made all the difference for DJ’s 9th Ave. Cafe.

 Feel Right at Stoned…err Home

When attempting to follow a set theme as a breakfast joint – or any restaurant for that matter – it’s important that the employees set the tone. DJ’s 9th Ave Cafe is going for a homey, local, and friendly intimate theme, and the waitstaff nails it. Located on the corner of 9th and Lincoln in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, DJ’s Cafe can easily be missed if you blink because it’s so small.
Once inside, however, the large open area along with a waitstaff as eclectic as the Denver dope scene is makes a blazed breakfast seeker feel warm and welcome. Furthermore, the waitstaff has no qualms with talking about topics sometimes considered to taboo for a conversation with a stranger. Get hammered last night and can’t think? The waitstaff feels you. Want to talk about area dispensaries and their quality? The waitstaff will indulge you.
Rather than exuding a feeling of superiority, the waitstaff at DJ’s exudes a feeling of comfort and relatability to their often millennial and college-aged crowd.
If you find yourself with the munchies from waking and baking, but tend to stay home due to the feeling that everyone around you knows you’re high, release thyself into the outdoors and into the welcoming arms of DJ’s Cafe. The waitstaff is probably still feeling the effects of last night (or this morning) right with you.

Breakfast Bene’s

No, we’re not talking fringe benefits, we’re talking bene…dicts! The menu at DJ’s is to be expected from an intimate breakfast spot; eggs, pancakes, and the classic Denver breakfast burrito grace the menu pages.
It is the selection of specialty benedicts, however, in which DJ’s hangs its hat. Much like the restaurant itself, the selection is small but packs a delicious punch.
DJ’s 9th Ave Cafe itself and the delicious array of eggs benedicts they serve share one final thing in common: neither are to be missed.


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