Typically, BOGO (Buy One Get One) sales are a limited time offer. No one would be gracious enough to offer 50% off all the time, right?


Red Ginger, an Asian food cuisine located in the heart of Denver on Broadway and 6th Ave., offers half off sushi rolls all day, every day (and night). If an all-time BOGO free sale conjures visions of subpar food and frozen fish, you’re not alone (and we don’t blame you).

On the contrary, however, Red Ginger offers exceptional, fresh sushi rolls for less than what just the extra wasabi side costs at other Asian restaurants in town. Here at Mile High Munchies, we love a good deal, which is great because at Red Ginger, they love slanging good deals. It’s a match!

Delivering Deliciousness

When ordering delivery from an Asian restaurant there are two main price-gouging problems hungry home patrons encounter: expensive sushi rolls and an astronomical delivery fee.

We won’t get it twisted, Red Ginger has a $2.00 delivery fee on all orders. Pretty typical, and not astronomical by any means. Reverting back to the atypical, which is Red Ginger’s true form, Red Ginger more than makes up for a slight delivery fee with quality sushi rolls at half the price (or more) than any other sushi restaurant in Denver. To be clear, that’s 50% off on ALL sushi rolls. That’s over 85+ individual items!

The breakdown:

All sushi Red Ginger makes is flown in fresh that day, and never frozen.

The wasabi is the spiciest around, and the ginger is excellent. It’s in the name, so it has a lot to live up to.  SPOILER ALERT: It lives up to it.

Large delivery area covering most of Denver and the suburbs. Minimal, fixed delivery fee of only $2.00.

While Red Ginger does have a small space for dine-in, delivery is the way to go.

No need to get off the couch to mow some munchies. Simply call Red Ginger and – after tasting the half price sushi – hang the flyer on the fridge for next time; because now that you’ve had the best, forget the rest and stick with Red Ginger.

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