Will someone please tell the weather that it’s May and we’re ready for some sunshine!? Please!? It’s typical to have afternoon rainstorms in Colorado, it’s not typical to have them every day for multiple weeks. *le sigh*

In the meantime, Mile High Munchies is resisting the urge to freeze our butts on one of Denver’s many, many summertime patios. Instead, all this rain and general gloom from mother nature has us dreaming of something a bit simpler.
In true Coloradan fashion, mother nature won’t completely ruin our chance to get out, but will certainly limit it. Even still, ordering from a local vendor and enjoying a hearty walk is never out of the question.
All these factors add up to this week’s Mile High Munchies: Snarf’s Subs.

Boulder Beginnings

Like so many eateries featured here at Mile High Munchies on Monday, Snarf’s comes from humble local beginnings. Jimmy “Snarf” Siedel began his business in Boulder back in 1996 at a small storefront known as ‘The Shack’.
Today, Snarf’s has six Denver locations, seven alternate Colorado locations, and even has sub shops in Texas, Illinois, and Missouri. A classic Colorado success story.

How Do They Do It!?

Local sub shops are a dime a dozen in Colorado, so how does Snarf’s maintain being one of the best? By keeping up with technology, and serving superior quality subs.
Like so many small businesses now-a-days, Snarf’s employs many different technologies in which to order from. Online, on the phone, or via the app, Snarf’s makes it easy to peruse their menu at one’s leisure.
This probably furthermore goes to partially explain why the sub shop doesn’t deliver.
This doesn’t mean if you can’t afford a short walk to one of their inevitably close location, that you’re out of luck. It just means you have to brown bag it. Snarf’s ‘Brown Bag Lunches’ catering menu can easily accommodate you and 29 of your closest friends (or today and 29 days in the future) complete with chips on the side and a drink.
All of Snarf’s subs are made-to-order and all are toasted. Both are key features if you want standout subs in the Mile High City and beyond.
If there’s a break in the Seattle-esque Denver weather in the near future (please!?), be sure to take a trek down to your local Snarf’s. If the weather doesn’t break, simply order Snarf’s catering and enjoy their sub varieties for days to come.
Either way, show mother nature who’s boss by letting her know she won’t ruin your plans for a perfect sandwich.


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