This authentic New Mexican transplant may have their title a bit backwards.

While the marquee clearly reads ‘Twister’s Burgers and Burritos,’ it really should have the words ‘Burgers and Burritos’ switched in order, because Twister’s is known much more for their hispanic-originating plates rather than their American ones.

Either way, Mile High Munchies is calling in the big guns, needing the utmost munchie-inducing indicas and sativas in order to prepare for Twister’s HUGE plates of food.

A+ ‘B’-words

While it was just mentioned, its importance when it comes to dining at Twister’s requires mentioning, again. Do not go to Twister’s on anything short of an empty stomach. (Unless you want a significant amount of leftovers, which is cool, too.) As you scan down the menu, the burrito selections only get larger…and larger…and larger.

A good place to start is at the beginning of the day, with breakfast. Twister’s serves 12 different varieties of burritos for breakfast, alone. All breakfast burrito selections are named after the place that inspired their origination.

Yes, there is a ‘Denver’ burrito which features egg, ham, bell peppers, onion and – of course – lots of cheese.

Don’t let yourself remain in your Denver-based comfort zone, however, and try one of the out-of-state-themed selections. The ‘South Valley’ and ‘Rio Grande’ selections feature Twister’s unique, homemade chorizo and carne adovada, respectively.

Neither should be missed, but all are so large that it may take multiple visits to conquer them all.If you just scoffed at the big breakfast burritos, then the flagship Twister Burritos are for you.

These behemoth burritos come in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and whole pound sizes and are topped with Twister’s fries (another Twister’s homemade dish not to be missed, either on a burrito or otherwise) and then smothered in red AND green chile. That’s known as ‘Christmas’ style…a little 505 trivia for your Monday.

For authentic eats not of the burrito variety, the Indian Taco, which is a fried taco shell bowl filled with fixins, and the nacho supreme are the most popular.

Burgers further reflect the Twister theme of massive, massive portions. The best of the bunch is…not surprisingly…the Twister burger, which comes open-faced and smothered in red chile. Drool…

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