For this, the first edition of Mile High Munchies, it’s probably best to start at the beginning.

I don’t know about you personally, but most people’s day starts when they awake. This is typically followed by a groggy shuffle to the coffee maker, and for those who wish to be shrouded in a cloud of stoned bliss, a ‘wake ‘n bake’ bowl…or two.

Since it’s the first toke of the day, the effects typically set in quicker than later in the day or evening. This means it’s important for your munchies game to be on point, right away. But what happens if the cupboard is bare? Don’t let your sativa-led anxiety get you down, or your couch-locking indica make you melt. Instead, find your way to the only true New York delicatessen in Denver, Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen.

Public Transportation-Stoner’s Best friend

Situated in the now gentrified Five Points Plaza in Denver, Rosenberg’s offers any munchie delight a baked morning person could imagine. The location is so conveniently located, in fact, that those not in walking distance can simply hop on the D-line train and arrive right at Rosenberg’s front door. (26th Ave. & Welton St.) Much safer – pun intended – than driving high.

Got the munchies and don’t know what to get?

As a word of advice, don’t skip the bagels with a wide variety of schmears and toppings for the more outlandish munchies, like Babka or Caviar, that inevitably sound better after a few bowls. The cuts of salmon for lox are unworldly, measuring as tall as Mutombo and as wide as Big Baby Davis. Okay, not quite that big…but close.

The cream cheese portions are massive, and the bagel varieties themselves are creative culinary concoctions on another level.  Additionally, all the bagels are made fresh every morning with 100% New York City water.

That’s right, Rosenberg’s ships in water directly from The Empire State every single day to ensure their bagels taste as authentic to the NY streets as possible. If it’s afternoon, enjoy the Reuben.

So how many locals actually know about this place?

As one last heads up, be prepared to be patient. Rosenberg’s is already the hottest spot in town, despite being in business less than one year. If getting up before 10 AM seems crazy, and getting off the couch before 10 AM seems even crazier, be ready for a line from one end of the store to another. Don’t worry, the line moves quickly. Plus, time is of no consequence when stoned, right? So, relax and be comfortable in your stoned skin while you wait. Just be sure to be ready to order once you get to the counter, space cadet.

Stay tuned for future musings on muting your munchies craving in the midday and at midnight. Until then, go ahead, rip that wake n bake 2-in-1 mug to your heart’s content. Rosenberg’s has got you covered for what always comes next: Mile High Munchies in the Morning.

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