Traveling through San Francisco you have many option when it comes to picking up medication. With so many option it is tempting to try out all the places up there. But as the saying why change a good thing. I have never left Mission Organic dispensary disappointed so why will I go to another spot. Anyways for everyone who has not been there I recommend you guys give it a try.
So my first time here was when I was up north visiting a friend who lives a little outside of the city. I flew and was not able to bring my medication with me so I had to got to medical marijuana dispensary in Frisco and I choose to come here. I looked up the reviews on weedmaps and saw how everyone else thought it was great and decided to give it a try. After giving it a try I found out what the hype was all about, they carry quality products and really know how to take care of their patients. When it comes to pricing it is not the best but you do get what you pay for here. They offer a huge variety and do have more affordable medication if you are on a budget and can buy as freely.

Just like the rest of the city parking kind of sucks here so that was pain but finding the place was easy enough and the signup process was smooth and quick. They were very efficient and made sure people were in and out without rushing them, kind of had the science down. Beside the prices this is definitely the place to got to when you are in the area.

I have listed the contact info below:
Mission Organic
5258 Mission St.
San Francisco, Ca, 94112

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