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I’m happy to of helped a grower in need today…

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  1. LoveToday8

    I’m here now and it is VERY surreal!! I love it! I wish Chicago had this.

  2. Tim Holloway

    12$ in taxes? Lol I knew the government would fuck marijuana users in some

  3. dimmacommunication

    Everybody is complaining about the price,but let’s face the pros:
    1 it’s legal so no arrasment by the police,no fines and shit.
    2 it’s professionally made , not by the next door stoner or shit
    3 you don’t have to be in contact whit someone that sells drugs in the
    streets etc..
    In europe is 13$ for a Gram but a lot of times tastes like shit.
    anyway if you have a disease and you need it as medicament you have
    discounts i guess :)

  4. Mr.Blazington420

    Lol just noticed tgis vid was uploaded on the 19th nothing like prepping
    for the 20th lol. Excellent videos bro, can’t wait to get back to Colorado.
    Were gonna have to burn one.

  5. Rick Hayes

    I Live right outside Colorado and looking to relocate depending on the
    I live in Chronic day to day pain. Fractured face, leg and jaw. Level 3
    head trauma.I am a believer in medical marijuana as medicine to treat my
    deep pain and trouble sleeping. I wanted to get the best resource
    information. Were is the cheapest state for getting my M.M. Card without
    cash hassle and which location is best [vender wise] that is not a rip off
    ? I have been on pain prescription drugs for many years with many
    concerns with the side effects. Thanks for ANY HELPFUL INSIGHT ! rich7hayes
    @ live.com

  6. maciej wrotek

    I dont smoke cannabis. bad i am wondering, hwo do they come up with those
    names for weed ? El diablo ? Did somebody smoked some joints and saw a
    mexican devil ?

  7. buck chocolate

    you’re worried about one seed?? c’mon man,,im still worried about going to
    jail for that one seed..just toss it and keep smiling.

  8. atmskater78 [Rock Solid Music Soldier]

    In Co, I got that vibe from everyone, including the MMJ centers. So happy I
    could be apart of this. 

  9. isaac downing

    It’s some nice looking bud. I honestly wouldn’t mind a seed. It’s natural.
    Weed Plants start from a seed lol. Good price,weighs up,and probably tasted
    great. Don’t be a pick about one seed 

  10. youdontknowme08001

    im from the uk n im sooo jealous of canada n america wtf wont they do this
    here sure tobacco is fine i guess Not !!!

  11. Xeon Krze

    People are just so stupid, but hey to each their own… I prefer the dumb
    ones to smoke it, pay tax, etc, than have all the chopped heads in Mexico.

  12. atmskater78 [Rock Solid Music Soldier]

    Next time you go to Co, try out one of “The Clinic’s” locations. They have
    the best in my opinion. No seeds ever. I would find seeds every now and
    again at most MMJ shops but I expect that. The Clinic though, really didn’t
    have any seeds. They are always consistent with quality on damn near 95% of
    their products and I speak from using in 2011-2014. Their prices are high
    but its so someone wont buy it all to try for a profit. It to me, is some
    of the greatest medication I’ve had, EVER. I have never had a strain effect
    my pain like I had happen to me using one particular strain. I NEVER have
    compared cannabis next to a narcotic pain killer ever until I went there.
    The strain : Confidential Cheese. Glad I found your youtube channel.
    Subbed. Thanks for the content! 

  13. stos5363

    $72 for quarter ? Wow .That’s a deal can’t wait for Ohio to get pass this
    bill.enjoy your trip my man. ( no pun intended lol)

  14. Hype Factor

    Since you don’t really go to dispensaries that often, the rule of thumb is
    generally if the deal sounds to good to be true theres a catch. 30/8ths
    sound great, but you pay for with average quality weed. You start seeing
    the high qualit stuff at about 40-50 an 8th. A little bit more expensive
    but it’s worth every penny. Quality over quantity.

  15. Super Daddy

    i thought u could buy the stuff in any gas station in colorado one more
    question can you buy seeds in colorado at the shops

  16. jamie h

    We’ll u got a weed seed u know what u can do with that don’t you I hope so 

  17. Mikey Unovapix

    I never tried weed once in my life but there are two strains I’m interested
    in. Sweet skunk and purple kush. purple kush would make a good sleep aid
    for me and sweet skunk could be good for a nasty headache. I get the
    tendency for headaches passed down from mother’s side and it would replace
    ibuprofen and works faster too


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