Countdown the top 10 plays from All-Star Friday night.


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  1. Asia Jones

    I missed both the celebrity allstar game and rising stars game be used we
    were going to Atlanta

  2. Elvin Polanco

    Was awesome seeing this live, literally to the left of the hoop. Will be
    there tonight aswell :-)

  3. Omar Albarghouty

    Wiggins played really well, but Gobert deserved the MVP award more. NBA,
    stop making weird decisions please.

  4. GamingForLaughs

    Anyone else realize that this has a ton of views.. but there are no
    trolls?! :O 

  5. Michael Sarkis

    If your alone this valentines day, DONT FORGET, your also alone on all the
    other 364 days of the year

  6. Pablo Martinez

    Mo’ne Davis’ spin should’ve made it in the Top 10. Just saying… 

  7. LaMidrange Aldridge

    Where is Andrew Wiggins caught alley Oop? That was so nice he got his head
    above the rim.

  8. Ayush Choudhary

    Double dribble..and the dennis schroder alley oop to wiggins should be here

  9. [ k!Rs ]

    Euroleague is still better.
    5 reasons:
    1. No selfish players.
    2. Players play by the rules.
    3. No trash talking.
    4. Players play for the game, not for money and fame.
    5. Travels are called.

  10. melo fan

    Lavine looked like kevin Durant on that #1 play!! Durant always dunks like
    that!! Dunks with the opposite hand he takes off from

  11. Xtremekid0623

    Fuck these rookies. Remember the back with lillard, davis, waiters, beal,
    barnes. They were monsters even when they were rookies.

  12. Kyle Lowry

    Who else think the 3pt contest is better than the slam dunk. MASON PLUMLEE
    I can dunk better than him


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