DeMarcus Cousins has been dealing with rumors and trade speculations throughout the 2014-2015 season. While he has been one of the more dominant stars on the Sacramento Kings, they are in a speculative position and are looking to always improve.

Recently George Karl caught headlines for making a comment talking about all his players were tradeable and some took it as referring to DeMarcus Cousins which may not be true. According to Bill Herenda of

I’ve had some great players and I’ve never had one player that I have said is untradeable,” Karl added. “You always got to be ready for the possibility of a great trade that could come your way. I know I respect him (DeMarcus Cousins) a tremendous amount . . . I think our give and take and our communication has been almost on a daily basis . . . until we can really get to a special place together, I think we’ve got to continue to communicate, what he wants and what I want.”

So while we all know he has been on the trade block the questions comes down to what will other teams be willing to trade for Cousins. This season he averaged a double-double going for a little over 24 pts a game and average nearly 14 rebounds and shot nearly 50%. With those type of number teams like the Lakers, Mavericks and Knicks could make some serious offers if the Kings management were interested.
As of yesterday the trade talks got a little more interesting. Aaron Bruski has noted:

DeMarcus Cousins is the face of the franchise. Rudy Gay came on board and has been helping out but the Sacramento Kings seem to need change and Cousins is an amazing athlete that can bring them a lot in return.
Basically the ball is in Kings management to bring the best return for Cousins, they know he is valuable and will not let him go  for nothing. At the same time with Cousins history what will people be willing to gain that young Center that has put up huge numbers and has  a long bright career in front of him if he can avoid injuries.


Guys, Cousins and Evans prank Rookie Nik Stauskas’ house by leaving it a mess.

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