NBA Slam Dunk Contest Top 10 Stunt Dunks

Source: Youtube

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  2. Ethan Shaw

    javale mcgee with 2 baskets at 12 feet AND javale mcgee with 3 balls are
    both on this list now. blake griffin over the car, that should be with
    dwight howard superman dunk

  3. jeremy nunes

    umm i think anyone with a brain knows that the blue thing is gonna be right
    there so… foomp

  4. That Dude Najarian

    4 better than 3, he used 1 arm to cover his eyes and dunked with the other.
    Plus #3 was definately faked, it was so see-thru

  5. TRiBUTE92

    Its funny because 3 was cheated, he could see through the blind fold, how
    else would he know where to stop so he didn’t hit the pole….

  6. gnikyhtac

    0:05-0:15 that dunk was too easy…some people can dunk 3 balls in 2 rings
    in one jump…


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