It’s finally the time of year where we can sit around our families and friends, kick back, and grub, Turkey Day of course! As everybody gets ready the feast on a well placed meal, lets that a look at the ridiculous dining set ups that our favorite NBA Stars  and their mansions as they are are settling down for dinner. The life of an NBA star can be full of wealth and luxury and that means oversized homes.




5) Jason Kidd


The retired basketball player gone NBA Coach, now repping the Milwaukee Bucks following his move from the Brooklyn Net’s, it’s looking like Jason Kidd is sitting pretty comfortably. His Hampton estate covers over 7,000 square feet on a few acres of lush, trimmed land. Definitely a nice place to enjoy a turkey with a view like that, and with a total investment of 6 Million dollars the view out his window can’t be matched!

NBA star Howard Mansion



4) Dwight Howard


The Atlanta born, Huston Rockets front runner decided to relocated from the south to an even deeper part of the hemisphere, Florida. Dwight is currently relaxing in an 8 Million dollar luxury get away that anybody would be happy to kick beat and feast on our feathered friend in.



Dwayne Wade Florida Mansion

3) Dwyane Wade


Ranking In at the third on our list of insane mansions that NBA baller’s are residing in would be Dwyane Wade’s Miami Beach side property. The Big 3 keeps up the Heat in Miami and when he needs to cool off and let the thanksgiving meal soak in there’s the sands of Miami Beach are at his doorstep.



NBA Legen Michael Jordan mansion

2) Michael Jordan


Weighing in at number two on our list would have to be the Jordan Brand Executive himself, Michael Jordan. His curvy crib boasts over 32,000 spuare feet right in the middle of a calm Chicago suburb. This turkey dinner might empty your pockets a little bit though with a total price of 26 Million.




1) Lebron James


Looks like LeBron is back, and as a frequenter to our Top 5 Lists, he’s got a lot to show. Coming in at a cool 50 Mill, LeBron James was crowned the king of ridiculous mansions among all NBA player. His Miami Palace is fit for multiple acres of Basketball funded luxury fun!


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