Want to see these NBA superstars before they made it to the pros. Watch how dominant these NBA players were back in high school when they were usually the biggest court or most athletic on the gym floor.

Crazy dunks and plays from Kasey Hill, Julius Randle, Nerlens Noel, Stefan Moody, Shabazz Muhammad, Xavier Johnson, Jamar Ergas, D’Angelo Russell, Wayne Selden, Jonathan Joseph, Brian Greene jr, Adonys Henriquez, Christian Jones, Joel Berry, Pookie Powell, Solomon Poole, and more….

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  1. Stylez Killz

    I got mad respect for HomeTeamHoops for putting on Jaron Hopkins reppin Az
    at least a another state notice him

  2. NigerianBaller

    yaareasfinest which is california’s mixtape has a bunch of shit on dominic

  3. Stylez Killz

    Aquille not so great just check on Espn There 15 other Pg in his class that
    are way better than Kasey Hill, Solomon Poole and Pookie Powell thats just
    3 of the 15

  4. Keller Martin

    The 5’9″ guy can dunk like crazy, but im 5’11” and i can barely touch the
    rim. One solution: he’s black

  5. Darth Paul

    I thought this was some random high school team, and then I saw the


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