From James’ signature style and Harden’s cooking all NBA players have a style they’ve made a part of their identity. Here’s a list of the best and brightest.

Style and Swag is a part of the game. From fresh kicks like the Curry One, to NBA rappers, and awesome ad endorsements.

The looks are just as important on the court as they are off the court, and every player wants to me known for something. And if your style is really popular it becomes the cover for 2k.

The Pre-Game Rituals

Dwayne Wade is known for rim pull-ups.

Underhand isn’t quite as impressive as overhand, but I guess that’s one way to get the blood flowing.

Dwight Howard’s pre-game isn’t about strength or power. Andy Flint from calls it, ” flashy, unique and all-around silly.”

The league MVP’s pre-game ritual is all about the shot, what else? SB Nation says, “Stephen Curry seems to have a new pregame ritual: draining a shot from the tunnel.”

Kevin Garnett ritual is a little well, insane. says in reference to K.G.’s pre game headbang, “good luck rituals are usually very unorthodox, pretty much weird, and superstitious.” I guess you are free to determine if banging your head repeatedly shows that you are hype for the game or maybe you’ve done too much head banging in your life.

And I’ll save the King and most likely the league’s best known pre-game ritual for last. Lebron actually said good-bye to the chalk toss for a large portion. When he went back to the Cavs, he polled his fans on twitter.

USA Today wrote, “95% of fans said to bring the chalk toss back,” and so he did.

Game Time

Everyone gets hype in the heat of the moment. You make a tough bucket, and even when you are at the pro level you want to have a little bit of a celebration. Often that celebration is a diss to the opposing team, but that what makes it so much better.

James Harden is looking for a secondary career as a chef, because he is always cooking.

A article said, “When Harden is rolling, he twirls his left index finger, like an egg beater on the fastest setting. ‘That means something’s cooking,’ says his housemate and former high school teammate Greg Howell.”

Nick Young aka Swaggy P is probably best known for using his swag on a 3-point shot that didn’t even go in according to Bleacher Report.

Sometimes being cool #fails.

For the MVP, his celebration is more about his beliefs than showing off swag according to He points his finger up to the sky after shots, “as an outward sign and internal reminder that God gets all the glory for his success.”

Caron Butler’s makes the list because it’s so corny. tagged it “the dialing long distance.”

It’s made even better because Thabeet actually answers the phone call.

The aforementioned Complex article includes a list of more signature in game styles that range from awesome to downright inappropriate.

Free throw Swag

Free throws have made a huge stir in recent games because of hack-a-shaq strategies. ESPN even reported that a rule change may be in the works.

Jeff Hornacek might have the creepiest ritual. He would rub the side of his face. According to Salt City Hoops, it was a way to say hi to his children. But, Mandatory said it was more “like a convicted serial killer.”

Nick Van Exel thought fifteen feet was too close apparently. He would step back from the free throw line before shooting. In a article Exel said, “It just felt more comfortable for me when I moved a few steps back from the line.

And for Dirk Nowitziki David Hasselhoff is the ticket. The Hoff is big in Germany and according to Bleacher Report, “Nowitzki was known to hum American TV star and German pop music sensation David Hasselhoff’s tune “Looking For Freedom.”

And the best for last, Wilt Chamberlain “was so poor at shooting free throws that he would attempt to dunk it from the free throw line every time he had to step up to the charity stripe,” according to the Back then there wasn’t such thing as a violation for crossing the foul line.

Whatever your swag may be, just make sure you make it and celebrate in whatever way that keeps you in the game.

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