Just days after his video confronting Gov. Chris Christie went viral, Ed Forchion – aka the New Jersey Weedman – is back in the news.

During the confrontation video, Gov. Christie proclaims “Why don’t you bring the weed truck out in front of the White House and tell me how it goes.”

Forchion followed Gov. Christie’s directions closely, but not exactly, and has announced that he and the weed truck (aptly named Weedmobil [sic]) are opening two storefronts directly across the street from New Jersey’s City Hall. One will be an all-day health food eatery, the other a quiet artist sanctuary serving Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee and Bob Marley Coffee.

Healthy Food and Quiet Time

An ideal combination for any New Jersey ent. Being mindful of munchies is an important step to remaining healthy as a regular toker. To the New Jersey Weedman, healthy living is priority #1.

“I have bone cancer, so part of the reason a restaurant is important to me is because it gives me an opportunity to eat healthier,” Forchion asserts.

Makes sense, then, that this pot-repreneur hired 18-year veteran to the cooking game Chef Maurice Wair who shares the Weedman’s sentiment.

“I was 247 lbs. and I dropped down to 185 when I started eating healthier,”  said Wair, “Healthy eating is so essential.”

Forchion, or should I say ‘Weedman’, plans to open the restaurant side of his two-storefront business venture at 6a.m., daily. It was a lack of healthy fast food in the area that inspired Forchion to start the business, originally.

“When I talk to state workers, they say they’re missing that healthy, affordable food option here in the capital city,” said Forchion.

As for the planned ‘sanctuary’ side of the business, Forchion envisions a quiet meeting place “where people can network.” The sanctuary will be named Liberty Bell III. The first tow Liberty Bell iterations were in Los Angeles, CA, the second of the two was raided by the DEA in 2011, prompting Forchion’s move to the east coast.

Despite the troubled past of Forchion and his Liberty Bell franchises, patrons welcome the business. Medical marijuana patient Wayne Burrini is one such patron.

“I’ve been to other states that have these types of places and it’s finally good to know that we will have one here in New Jersey,” said Burrini.

The New Jersey Weedman’s restaurant business will be called NJ Weedman’s Joint, and is scheduled to open June 15.

This article references an article first published on The Cannabist.

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