The best basketball shoe for ankle support is the Nike Lebron’s. There are other contenders, but Lebron takes the cake.

The best basketball shoe on offense

Defense may win games, but offense fill seats. And everyone knows fans and more importantly their money is what makes the world go round. To quote Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving’s alter ego) “This game has always been, and will always be, about buckets.”

The Nike Lebron XII is a mid-top shoe. According to a comprehensive article on basketball shoe styles on, “Mid-tops work for players who count on bursts of speed but who aren’t afraid to get physical and jump for the ball when needed.”
If you play basketball that’s how offense plays are made. Everyone has to cut, run, and jump with the best of them on the court. Mid-tops give you the versatility and that is the beginnings of the best basketball shoe.

For the guards

Yes, everybody wants to step out to the corner and shoot threes, but everyone can’t. For those of us who are meant for that style of game, Lebron XII’s have your back.

Wear testers performance review found here:
Gave the the Lebron’s a 9.5 out of 10 on support and a 10 out of 10 in materials. Both of these go hand in hand. The materials is what makes the support possible. For those who want to slash to the basket, or do a pump fake and pull up with an easy floater this is the shoe for you. If your more of a catch and shoot person, you could stick to the basics. But if you want to play full out offensive basketball. I mean cross your man up like this:

Then this is your shoe.

For the big guys

Lebron is a player that can handle it, penetrate, and shoot on the wing like a guard. But, Lebron is a big man, so his post game is definitely alive and well. And the shoes keep him up and locked into the game.
Posting up and flying high above the rim for major finishes is about a support and traction. Traction to get up and get down. To fadeaway and to barrel down low and get an and 1.
Complex ranks the Nike Lebron’s as No. 1 in a list of shoes for best ankle support. They note “the asymmetrical fit goes lower in the back and higher in the front, allowing the ankle to flex yet remain supportive.”
Simply stated if you want a versatile shoe on offense look at who Bleacher Report considers one of the most versatile players and you’ll find the most versatile shoe, so as big man running the floor you can do this:

and look good doing it.

The best basketball shoe on defense

Let’s face it, a really good defensive stop is never going to make sportscenter’s top 10. But top defenders across the league know games are won by “intimidat[ing] the offense,’ according to And better yet, no one wants to play pick up with the guy who can never stick with his man, but takes all the shots.
Lebron isn’t just one of the toughest players to guard. He has made the first all-defensive team 5 times, most recently in 2013 along with Tony Allen and Chris Paul according to’s official press release. So, he definitely needs a shoe that can keep up with other guys on the court.

For the guards

Support and speed is what’s needed on the defensive end. Staying with your guy through pick and rolls, cuts, fades, and drives to the basket requires movement at its fullest. According to, the XII’s aren’t just the newest but the best Lebron has to offer according to this article and accompanying video.
The kickspotting performance review says it best that the XII, “is built to support Lebron’s unique game of power and speed.” Speed stays with the offensive threat, and power contains it.
So you can steal the ball…

and apparently french fries.

For the big guys

Defending in the post is about strength and quickness. Being able to hold your ground as your man backs down, and stay with him through quick turns and drop steps to the basket.
The shoe can’t give you strength and quickness, but it can give you the mobility to play at the best of your ability. Soleshift says it all in their performance review of the Lebron XII’s Nike has upgraded on the XII’s, “resulting in a model that delivers superior comfort, while maximizing mobility and court feel.”
So you can protect the post like this:

Hands down the best basketball shoe, the only question left is which Lebron is best for you. Lucky for you, complex already did just that, so play on player.

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