With so many great dispensaries on the west side of la it is hard to pick just one. Thats why I have my top 10 and Natures Natural Cooperative Care (NNCC) is on the list of the best marijuana dispensaries in la. This clinic has been around for sometime now and has established themselves as a quality medical marijuana dispensary that carries quality medication at the best prices. I always make sure I stop by here when I am in the area.

My first time at NNCC was two years ago when I first heard of them from weedmaps. Being one of the pre-ico clinics you can trust them for having better medication and they actually care about long term patients because they cannot be shut down as easily as post-ico dispensaries.

So as usual when I got their I was greeted by a beautiful female who knew how to make you comfortable and was efficient with the sign up process. I made my way into the medication room and I felt like I was in paradise.

They didn’t carry much flowers but the ones they did were top notch and they were all $10 across the board, it was amazing. For my ftp deal I got a free gram of my choice. The best part is on the 20th of every month they give each patient a gift bag with a minimum donation which I think was around $40.

For all the dabbers and patients that prefer edibles this is where to come. The prices are just as good as the flowers but they have a huge variety when it comes to concentrates and edibles.

It seems like they are realizing a lot more people are starting to use concentrates so they have decided to carry a larger variety. My overall experience here was great, they had friendly volunteers and amazing product everytime I stop by and its easy to find parking which is unheard of in west la.

I have listed the contact info below:
9021 Exposition Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90034

Hours: 10am-8pm everyday

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