There was a time when citizens would of never imagined such a widespread legalization for cannabis products. Especially since the south is not the most progressive place in the world it’s pretty amazing that we’re finally beginning to have the question of legalization pop up. Judging from the mass amounts of ample revenue along with the lack of crime surrounding the herb in Colorado and Washington state It’s looking like a pretty good solution at this point.It’s not the right time for national legalization but states are constitutionally free to at least bring up the discussion and rally towards legalization until it becomes a reality.


North Carolina has finally put the legalization question on the table. With four states and the District of Columbia ending prohibition of marijuana along with plans for legalization in 2016 being initiated in at least seven other states 2016 might just be the most progressive year that the Marijuana industry has seen yet. Twenty-three other states, including North Carolina have recently decriminalized marijuana in order for citizens to safely posses the plant and also self medicate.

Legalization is definitely a great choice economically. In the first year of legalized pot, Colorado made $50 million in tax revenue. The way Colorado’s state laws are written, $9 million tax dollars were reinvested into the school system and construction efforts. Another $4 million was given back to cities and counties and the rest of the revenue went into creating programs that are fighting to keep marijuana out of the hands of minors along with educating others on the herb. It’s clear to see that a state such as North Carolina can truly thrive from the legalization of Marijuana, It would also open up countless opportunities for agricultural commerce. If North Carolina can make the change to a recreational use of  marijuana other states in the south might follow their lead.

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