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As you guys probably know San Diego is kind of limited when it comes to finding medical marijuana dispensaries compared to la or oc. The dispensaries down south generally have higher prices and don’t really work well for people on budgets.

But after doing some research on weedmaps and asking around I have found a great marijuana dispensary located off of the 805 called North Park Holistic Care. They have been part of the community for a few years now and most people around town and on weedmaps brag about them.

So I decided to go give it a try and see what they hype was all about. North Park Holistic Care was easy to find and parking was not too bad. I went during the day around 1 pm and luckily they weren’t that busy so getting signed up was easy and before I knew it I was in the medication room.

As usual the top shelf here was $55 but they did have different marijuana strains on the menu for patients on a budget, some the top shelf strains were actually on $45 too so that was nice.
The volunteer at the front was kind of lost but the tender was really cool and knew his stuff. He helped me check out a few different strains and explained the benefits of each one.

I was impressed by their menu and how many different strains and concentrates they had on there. The best part of this place was getting the free vape pen since I donated over $125, find me a collective that will do that for you. This place has a variety of different discounts and specials which I was impressed by.

So I ended up leaving satisfied and excited to go home and try some of the different marijuana strains I got. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about the ftp deals.

They have a couple different choices I ended up getting the free 8th of house shelf with the purchase of top shelf and it was pretty decent. But some of the other choices were a free gram, 5 gram 8ths and 10 gram 1/4’s. So this clinic is worth checking out if you have not been here before.

I have listed the contact info below:
North Park Holistic Care
3450 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92116

Hours:11am-9pm everyday

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