You probably don’t picture Santa Claus, Rudolph, and the ever-present elves getting high before Christmas. Well, except maybe Will Ferrell’s Elf:



Your ideas might be about to get a makeover, though, ’cause the Alaska town of North Pole just re-legalized marijuana.

Even though Alaska legalized recreational cannabis for everyone over the age of 21, individual towns have the authority to vote on whether to ban the plant’s sale within the confines of their city. If such a vote passed, a district could prevent dispensaries from taking up residence in their area.

Mashable’s Brian Koerber writes that North Pole, a city with a population of 2,117 as of 2010, rose to the occasion.

The region, whose motto is “Where the Spirit of Christmas Lives Year Round,” voted 5 to 2 that weed would indeed be permitted for in-city sales. Hallelujah!

According to the same story, a medical marijuana patient named Santa Claus even showed up to chat about it. Now, he won’t have to travel to another city for his medication.

Seems like Christmas came early for one community this year — at least, for any residents of North Pole who like to medicate the natural way. Considering that prescription drug deaths are down nearly 25 percent in states where cannabis is legal, this is great progress for North Pole, Alaska.

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