Obama Kush is one of the dankest strains I’ve found recently, and this Obama BHO Wax from Oregon’s Finest continues the trend. Watch for a review of the dabs.

Could you take 10 dabs at once? Click here to watch video.


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  1. Eliobiwankanobi Soria

    can the oil be smoked..? Like dipped on a cig or on a blunt and smoked. It
    was made with vegetable oil…..

  2. DrRocksoDoesCOCAINe

    I tried this but it was weak. So instead I heated the quarter and dabbed it
    while it collected in the bottle. Then I sucked it up. Or….. do what I
    did afterwards and do being cheap and buy a vape pen

  3. adamdude58

    Im going to try taking a quarter, place it on a piece of metal, and taking
    a mini torch to the quarter and then dabbing it on there, I have a good
    feeling about this!

  4. rolf hunt

    you can put the wax on the end of your un-lit cigarette if need be.
    wasteful though

  5. froggerjohn427

    Gotta say I was skeptical to waist my dabs like that but damn I’m baked
    thanks dude

  6. mikeyp0131

    yeah and most americans say that about president before there elected then
    they slate them, dont you all realise ALL presidents are shit, they go back
    on there words and just start shit

  7. Apex Animal

    Hey I know Oregon is probably up to snuff on all their concentrate info,
    but I just wanted to chime in that here in Northern Cali, our dispensaries
    range from assholes that sell BHO wax purged with so much butane you could
    refill a lighter with it, to some cleaner C20 or cold water based waxes.
    Dabbing and vaping it is all the rage at the moment, but I for one have not
    given it too much notice, I feel like we’re the guinea pigs of this and we
    don’t know if its good or not, some people out here DO experience some
    issues from a lot of use, lungs collapsing, fast heart rates, anxiety
    attacks, hasn’t happened to anyone I know and I know people that smoke a
    LOT of concentrate, but just something to think about. And, apparently, its
    a felony to have it in possession whether your a card carrier or not. 

  8. camas77721

    Check out rose city wellness. Im pretty sure they always have the Obama

  9. TheIslandhunk

    Shame on you Naming a Strain after an inhumane liar Obama Kush is
    bath-house speed laced with crack

  10. That One Guy J

    Neighbor Dave’s Organics has some of the best Obama Kush I’ve ever seen!
    Straight fire!

  11. Juan Collela

    order grade A MMJ kush with Purple Promethazine with codeine cough sizzurp
    hit up

  12. Skyshine burner

    Obama kush BHO, name look like we’ll need to smoke some to get high like
    fuck but i got enough from my hook up at (505) 399-3739 or
    skyshinefeedindustry at gmail dot com lol

  13. Heat & plumb service

    Y would u call it Obama kush the guys a stinking faggot gay arse licking

  14. woodlandcammo27

    Why would you name this after a president that is for prohibition,
    continues the phony war on drugs and ramped up dispensary busts in Cali? 

  15. Timothy Perry

    Some beautifull shit but I don’t know why anybody would want to call it
    obama shit obama doesn’t even deserve a Nobel peace prize let alone a
    strain named after him 

  16. Pat Eiteljorge

    Just a tip instead of paper towels use a blunt wrap or joint paper to clean
    your dabbers makes for a nice treat later :)

  17. steve john

    obama kush wax, so dank it will destroy the united states of america hahah
    so true


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